Cookie Cutter Challenge Round-up and WINNERS!!!

I LOVE seeing inside your cookie brains!!! You guys ROCKED this challenge!! It was so fun to see all your entries come in over the last 6 weeks! And...more than once...I found myself looking at a cookie I was madly in love with...without even realizing it was for the challenge! My absolute favorite shifts are the ones you can't tell are shifts!! I know right now that all you're hearing is "Prizes...prizes...prizes..."

But I really want to show you some of my favorite designs first!! (I know you can just scroll to the bottom...but you'll at least have to scan each of these awesome designs on your way down.) I'll be quick. I promise.

 First up -- this fantastic goldfish made by Kim Holmes of Fluffy Butt Cookies. I am IN LOVE with the texture and color variation on those scales!!!! (Cake Stand Cutter)

Rosemary of Sweet Kissed Confections had a few great designs using the baby/baby rattle cutter. THOSE EYES!!! I can't stop looking at them and they won't stop looking at me!! (Baby/Baby Rattle Cutter)

You guys. HOW COOL is this vase from Sweet 17 Cookies??!! I love that she combined cookies to give it a 3D look! And that piping!! (Male Graduate Cutter)

I can NOT wait to use this design from Rachel Bacilla for Christmas/Winter cookies!!! SOOO clever!!!! And all that ribbed piping! Gah! I'm in love! (Confetti Ribbon Cutter) well done is this cookie from Nayda Hernandez of W.E. Sugar Art??!! It fits that cutter perfectly!! Those eyes are hilarious and fantastic all at the same time!! (Female Graduate Cutter)

I can't look away from this cookie made by Peka Pekita of Peka's Cookies! ALL THAT GORGEOUS texture!!! And those EYES! (Clearly I have an eye obsession right now!) (Don't judge me.) (Mason Jar Bouquet Cutter)

This cookie from Irene McLendon of Sweet Irene's has GOT TO BE the best use of space EVER!!! Those cats make me happy every. single. time. I look at this cookie!!! (Heart Banner Cutter)

This is definitely one of those cookies that I didn't realize used one of my cutters! SO INCREDIBLE!!!! And that shading!!! Jodi Till of Kids To College Cookies is ON FIRE with these birds!!! And wait -- there's more! (Baby Cutter)

She also used my plaque cutter to make the NEST to go with them!!! Gah! Can you even believe these fantastic cookies??!! (Ann Clark Plaque Cutter)

OKAY. I get it. I know why you are all REALLY here. It's because you want to see who wins all of this fantastic-ness!! Fine. No more delay. Random drawing here we come...


The baby turned ballet tutu made by Jacque Burge of Frosted By Jacque!!!! Congratulations Jacque!!

And because there were over 50 entries... I'm giving away a second prize package with a random assortment of awesomeness! And THAT WINNER IS...

Santa Claus stuck in the chimney made by Diane Fehder!!! Congratulations Diane!!

Be sure to swing by the Cutter Challenge post and check out the rest of the fantastic entries!!!


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