Top 9 Ways To Use Sprinkles on Decorated Cookies

I have this...friend...that may or may not have this itty-bitty tiny (huge) sprinkle problem. I mean, I'm not judging her, but she kind of loses her mind when she sees those brightly colored sprinkles of love and sugar and at this point her "spare" room has more in common with a candy store than a guest room. I think I saw her putting in a "sprinkle slide" last time I was over. I'm not sure if you also have...friends...with a sprinkle problem, but if you do, it might be time to give them a little nudge. And by "nudge," I of course mean, "reasons to buy MORE MORE MORE!!!" (Just don't tell my husband. I friend's husband.)

I've spent some quality time internet researching sprinkles and cookies this month. You know... in the interest of science and helping people and umm...definitely NOT for the purpose of procuring more rainbow colored flecks of happiness. I have determined (very scientifically of course) that the majority of sprinkle use on decorated cookies falls into the following categories--

Confetti: Which is simply another way of saying -- Throw it all on there from the side or top or maybe even the bottom. Just add some color to that cookie already.

Sprinkles: This one is pretty self explanatory. It's when someone uses sprinkles in a way that sprinkles are traditionally used -- like on donuts or on top of ice cream. Who knew sprinkles could be SPRINKLES?!

Embellishments: this category is actually code for "You just put those sprinkles anywhere on that cookie that you want to. Go ahead and add that sprinkle magic anywhere that feels right to you.

SPECIAL: These examples should actually all have their own categories. Sometimes sprinkles are just an excellent way of making specific designs look more awesome than any cookie really has a right to look. I mean seriously -- that CACTUS!!

BACKGROUND: If you just can't bring yourself to put sprinkles on cookies, I've got you covered! You can use your gorgeous sprinkle mixes as backgrounds or in packaging of those fantastic cookies you've been making.

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 TELL ME -- What did I miss? How else do you use sprinkles?


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