Show Me Your Pumpkins!!

Elegant decorated pumpkin sugar cookies

If you were a guessing person, how many PUMPKIN COOKIE CUTTERS would you guess that I have? I'll give you a hint, it is more than 1. (It is also more than 10.) The very first cookie cutter that I ever bought was a pumpkin cutter. And I have loved it and squished it and used it every year of my life for the last two years.

I know that people say that Christmas is the season of cookie decorating...but I don't buy that. Everyone wants to decorate cookies in December, but let's be honest with ourselves. We are all a smidgeon too busy in December to pick up any new hobby, regardless of the amount of desire in our little loving hearts. So...let me put forth the suggestion that October become the new season of cookie decorating. Halloween cookies are WAY more fun. They are all bright and shiny and scary and creepy and if you totally mess up and your Frankenstein cookie looks like an alien -- no one ever has to know.

Also, I'm pretty sure that everyone in the world has these three cutters : A star, a heart, and a pumpkin. If I had a dog, I bet that puppy would have those three cutters too. But I don't have a dog. And that makes me wonder if maybe one of you doesn't have a pumpkin cutter. And I was thinking that if you don't have a pumpkin cutter, you can't join in on the season of loving and decorating cookies that look like pumpkins and other assorted monstery-type things. And you really should join in. so very often happens at my house...I went on a little experiment-journey-test-thing. (For the record, this wasn't one of those things where I had to go into the mountains and live for a week with only a stick and a button as a test of my manhood.) (But, also, for the record, I totally would have passed if it were.) I made a bunch of pumpkins....and didn't use a SINGLE pumpkin cutter. Not even one.

See? Not a single one.Can you match them up? (Do you honestly have time to do that? I think not.) Here are the answers --
1. Ladybug (J)
2. Apple (O)
3. Tulip (E)
4. Bell (G)
5. Easter Egg (F)
6. I don't actually know what this one is. But I think it is a gift tag. (C)
8. Heart (A)
12. Balloon (M)
13. Present (D)
14. Pear (L)
15. Whale (Okay, this one was a bit of a stretch.) (I)
16. Fancy Square (H)

How many pumpkin cutters do YOU have? Do you have a favorite? I have TWO favorites. An old favorite and a new favorite. And even though I have an inordinate amount of pumpkin cutters, and non-pumpkin cutters...and still usually use one of my two favorites...I'm always looking for more of them. Why? Because I have a disease where if I don't buy new pumpkin cutters, I will cry. Because all pumpkins are different. Anyway....back to my original question -- Do you have a favorite pumpkin cutter or project or giant orange thing you grew in your backyard and hand carved into an exact likeness of the Taj Mahal? Will you show me?

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