Wedding Cookies and a CURE for Procrastination

Okay... maybe CURE is too strong. Actually, it's not. It's the perfect word. Hear me out.

Today is Friday. Chances are, you've got a bit of work ahead of you tonight. And chances are, you are planning on doing all that cookie decorating later tonight. After the kids go to bed. But then they take a while to go to bed. And you've got this one other thing that you're going to do first. And then you'll just hop on Facebook real fast, just to check something... and then it's been so long that you need to see if you got that one email you've been waiting for. And you might as well turn on a show while you are doing that. And maybe get a snack... and remember that one snack you saw on Pinterest? That would be perfect for tonight. Let's go see if we can find it real quick... and then all of a sudden it is TWO IN THE MORNING and you can't remember your name or what just happened but you feel this impending sense of dread and doom as you realize all those cookies still need to get decorated even though you just want to sleep.

Avoid this.

I really do have a solution for it. And for getting started in any activity in your life.

Make an activity specific playlist. Start with at least 10 songs. They need to be songs that you like and that have some type of energy to them. Energy that you connect with. And they key is that you can only listen to those songs while you are doing your selected activity. I have one playlist for running and a separate one for making cookies. You have to be very disciplined the first three times that you try this. For the first three times, as soon as you are physically about to start decorating, press play. After that... you can press play when you are in the "I'll just do one more thing before I start and never end up starting mood." And it will instantly inspire you and take  you to that productive place in your brain and all of a sudden it will be TWO IN THE MORNING and you won't remember what happened because you will be sleeping. Because as it turns out, all the decorating only took 2 1/2 hours once you actually started doing it. 

I actually made my cookie decorating playlist on youtube. It's super easy and I can get all the songs free that way. :) I borrow my husband's ipod when I go running though. You could probably also make a mixed-tape if you had any idea what cassette tapes are.

I have actually procrastinated making these silhouette cookies for over a year. Not because I didn't want to make them. I ADORE them! I'm just super good at procrastinating.

My cousin has made a ton of beautiful cards using the silhouette on her blog. Like this one here. I've wanted to make it since the first time I saw it. And luckily for me... once a month I get to grab one of her designs and make them into a cookie. YEAY!!!

And then I made some weirdy flowers to go with them. You could make them too if you wanted to.  just have to make some 5 petal flower royal icing transfers first. Pipe them out on some wax paper and let them dry overnight.

1. Use a scalloped flower cutter. Make circular petals around the edges and gently draw them toward the center. It's okay if they don't all look the same. Let them dry for an hour.
2. Make a small dot of icing between two of the petals.
3. Then pipe another, bigger circle on top of that for the next layer of petals. If you don't pipe that dot first, the petal falls down and gets squished. between the original petals.
4.  Alternate every other petal and let dry for 30 minutes.

5.Come back and fill in the empty spaces with the same dot and then petal routine. Let those dry for another half hour.
6. Pipe a 5 petal flower in the middle.
7. Place your 5 petal flower transfer on top, and off-center from the flower you just piped.
8. Pipe a small dot of icing in the middle and place a sugar pearl on top, surrounded with silver or gold dragees.

Go make some of your own today.

Or you can go visit my cousin's blog Simply Pam's Creations if you want to see which of my cookies she mad into a card.

Or you can get started on that procrastination-ending playlist.

Happy Friday!


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