Challenge Yourself -- USE THAT CUTTER!!!

I'm already a jillion hours behind my entire life at this point. So I'm just going to come right out and say this. I'm pretty sure that I can read your mind. Let's take this little quiz and see how good I am.

1. How many cookie cutters do you own? (I don't want to tell you because I secretly don't want to know the answer myself. Because if I knew the answer I wouldn't be able to conceivably be telling the truth when I say "I don't know" the next time my family asks.)

2. How many of those cookie cutters do you use on a regular basis. (Somewhere between 10 and 20. But don't tell my other cutters. They will get jealous. You know how cutters can be. )

3. How many of those cookie cutters have you NEVER used? (I see where this is going and I want out. I will NOT be held responsible for feelings of cutter inferiority. I judge them solely on merit and performance and would never discriminate based on their construction or how shiny and smooth their copper is.) (I'm lying. I totally have favorites.)

4. What are you doing this month? (Stuff. I've got just loads of stuff to get done.)

But you would be wrong on number 4, because your answer *should* have been -- "I'm taking up this month's Challenge, that's what I'm doing!"

The Challenge for this month ----

Use a cookie cutter you ALREADY OWN that you've never used before. Then post a picture somewhere on the internet and link it up before the end of the month. That's it!

And as a prize....

This month it is a SURPRISE! Sort of. I am going to randomly draw one person from all the entries and send them a bunch of the extra Korean cookie cutters that I've been clinging to since I moved back here. But you have to promise to use them and love them. Or they will be sad. And so will I. My husband said I should also send you all the cutters that *I* haven't used. I told him I couldn't, because I might **NEED** them someday. So I'll just throw in some of the extra sets I have. And also any cookie cutter I find this month that seems to be seeking a new home as well.


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