Home for the Holidays

You know what I love about decorating cookies? 


I like the way that the chocolate cookie dough tastes right before you add the flour.
I love that I'm not actually supposed to admit that I taste the cookie dough and I also love knowing that I'm not the only person on the planet that breaks that rule.
I love the satisfaction I feel when I cut perfect circles out of brand new cookie dough and somehow manage to transfer them to the baking sheet...and they still look like circles and not like aliens eating ice cream cones.
I love the smell of cookies baking.
I love NOT burning those cookies.
I love eating fresh cookies.
I like the way the royal icing looks like soft serve ice cream when it's all thick in my mixing bowl.
I love coconut flavored royal icing...but not from a spoon. I just like the way it smells.
I love mixing tricky colors and having them magically turn into the exact shade I need.
I love PME tips.
I love when you go to test your icing consistency and it is already exactly the consistency you need. It's like you just won a whole extra hour of your life.
I love that cookies can be serious or silly or for congratulations or appreciation. They say "I'm sorry" and they say "I just love your face."
I love having exactly 1 tablespoon of icing left over. You can totally throw that away without feeling guilty that you didn't use it to make some kind of royal icing embellishment that you would forget you had stashed away in your "just in case"closet anyway. But it's not so little that you panic that you won't have enough. 
I love finishing all my cookies and then finding my kitchen magically cleaned by little garden elves. And by garden elves, I mean myself. Except I was waaaayyyy too tired to even remember I did it. So it was just like little garden elves cleaned my kitchen. 
I love giving cookies to people. Especially if it's a surprise. And especially, especially if they totally deserve a giant pick-me-up just because they are fantastic. Most people are fantastic. 

Most of all, I love that there is a whole cookie decorating WORLD out there. It's bigger than me. It's bigger than you. It's full of love and mutual respect and admiration and whole lot of icing covered jeans. It's like a secret code. I get you. And I'm glad you're there.

These cookies are a product of the mutual respect and admiration with a healthy dose of peer pressure and some gentle taunting thrown in as well.

Specifically from these ladies up there. Well, from the ladies that made those houses up there at least. Do you want to go see THEIR houses? Sure you do. (Insert a healthy dose of peer pressure here.)

Also,  the entire time I was making these cookies, I just kept thinking about making a Christmas Card like this, and then I would laugh all by myself in my very messy kitchen. (Get it? My HOUSE? I'm pretty much hilarious, right?)

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