Whimsical Christmas -- Cookies and Cards

I'm pretty much the best parent in the entire world. At 10:30pm tonight I told my 2 year old and my 5 year old that it was cool if they got out of bed and turned on their lights and just played with their toys in their jammies until they felt like going to bed. And then I contemplated giving them cookies.
Just now I went back there to check on them. One of them is asleep in MY bed. The other is asleep on a fuzzy pink rug.  The lights are on in both rooms. One of them is no longer wearing jammies. There are more toys in the beds than on the floor, and somehow the pillows are missing. But, all in all, I consider it a huge success and I'm considering trying it again tomorrow night. This probably won't backfire, right? Maybe I should make a giant pile of Christmas cookies to bribe them with... just to be sure.


It's the first Friday of the month. And that means I get to make more cookies inspired by the fantastic cards that my cousin Pam makes on her blog, Simply Pam. And also she makes one of my cookies into a card. (I'm not going to lie... I LOVE seeing what she does with my cookies!) It's a win-win situation. Two wins for me.

 As soon as I saw this little tree I wanted to take him home and love him to pieces. But I settled for making him into a cookie. A cookie that will shortly be used as a bribe. Or breakfast. Really, I'm okay with either option.

1. Unless you have a cutter that looks exactly like this tree, it helps to outline it first. Apparently this shape is quite popular, but not one of my NINE Christmas tree cutters even remotely resembles this shape. I figure that since the cutters aren't the boss of my cookies, I can do what I want.
2. Using some 20 second icing to outline and fill the top and bottom sections. (If you want to outline the whole thing with thick icing and then fill with thin icing, that's cool with me. I won't stop you.)
3. Immediately drop some multi-colored drops of icing all over. Or not so immediately if you are trying to take pictures and accidentally forgot where you put your camera. Let the sections dry for an hour.
4. Carefully fill in the middle section and add the dots again. Pipe a tree trunk on the bottom. If you want to, you can make it a curly tree trunk. I did on every cookie except this one. Because I have lost my mind.

Also, it started snowing while I was taking these pictures. Big ol' GIANT flakes of snow. Yeay for the Christmas Season!!

PS -- Do you want to see which of my cookies my cousin turned into a card? CLICK HERE!


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