Back To School Apples

You know how your car stops you from going more than 140mph because it has a governor? I need that. But for cookies. Isn't there some kind of warning light I can buy? Maybe with a little siren and a British voice that says "STOP NOW."

See, I wanted to make some back to school cookies. I'm running out of time, I know.  But I really wanted to do it anyway. I settled on something simple. I made some apples. They were cute. I added a little shine line and everything. And then I decided to add some sugar on top.

And for some reason, that made me think about an image I had seen somewhere. An apple with a mustache. It had to be done.

And then naturally, the mustachioed apple also needed a bowler hat. Because if you have a mustache and NO bowler creepsville for apples.

And then...everything just kind of spiraled out of control and I'm not sure that I remember everything. There are some moments in there I might not be too proud of in the thing led to another and I ended up with these guys.

And these guys. But I'm pretty sure I'm still gonna love them in the morning.

Seriously. I am now accepting applications for director of  the Just stop. Right now. Walk away. department. And probably an intern too.

PS -- We're totally talking hypothetically here about my car going 140mph. Because that's wrong. And dangerous. And a car built in 1979 couldn't possibly go that fast anyway. Even if it is in Wyoming.

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