Cowgirl Birthday Cake

It's not so hot here. I just think it is. I mean, it's not 120 degrees or anything. But the humidity is a real kicker. I know that everyone thinks that where they live is the hottest and most humid place on earth. You're probably wrong though. At least about the humidity part. Because I'm pretty sure the world revolves around me and that makes my humidity complaints more valid. Right guys? .... guys?

Okay, let me explain. My graham crackers can bend in half without breaking. I have to keep my white paper in an airtight container because otherwise, it gets too wet to go through the printer. My framed pictures have water damage. We're talking serious humidity here people. It's no joke.

The upside is that all of my cakes are real bright and shiny. can add that to the "plus" column of humidity side effects. Along know, all the other things on the "plus" side.

Ooh, actually I thought of another good thing about humidity. Let's say that hypothetically, you got up late and didn't really want to actually do your hair or anything but you still had to go out and see real people, you could just tell them, "Oh, I had to walk here." And then they would just assume that you spent hours on your hair and make up and whatever else people who are responsible and care about how they look do and that it just got ruined in the 3 minutes you were outside. See? Gotta look on the bright side here.

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