Cowgirl Cookies

I have something to tell you. And its not going to be easy.

I cleaned my 4 year old's bedroom for the first time in his little life.

We're talking cleaning products and everything. ALL the clothes in his drawers are folded. His books are color coded and lined up according to size on his book shelf. His toys didn't exactly make it into labeled bins or anything, but we DID close the closet door. All the way. We even swept AND mopped!

And then I got tired. (That was at least 10 solid minutes of cleaning.) So I sat on the couch thinking about my new scalloped cutter set that I got because Callye at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle told me to do it. And I imagined all the possibilities and was seriously contemplating getting up just so I could squish them and make sure they were real. And then my little man came running into the room telling me we weren't done yet. I told him we were. He told me we weren't. It went back forth. I'm not above that. And then he said, "BUT WHERE ARE THE SPARKLES?"  Because you know, it's not clean until it sparkles. So I did what any mother would do.

I found glitter.

And then I made some cookies with my new scalloped round cutters. Cowgirl cookies to be exact.


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