Back to School Backpack Cookies

Can we talk? I mean, is it safe here? You've all got my back, right? You're not going to turn me in to some kind of agency that people turn other people in to, are you?

Look -- it's about this whole going-to-school thing. You've all got me a bit nervous  I mean, my little man still has another year before he is of kindergarten attending age. I haven't even thought about it...until I started rambling around the blogosphere and apparently, when my child goes to school he will come back as some mutated form of himself that has a driver's license and no longer wants to lie under blankets giggling and reading stories with his mother all afternoon.

See, here's the thing. Just two days ago, he said to me, "When I'm big like Daddy, you can still cuddle me." And I plan on holding him to that. Especially now. I mean, it's on the internet. That's totally binding, right? So...I'm just wondering if I should be starting anti-behavior modification tactics now, or if I should just wait until he goes to school and then bribe him into thinking I'm still cooler than the kid with the skateboard and mustache that he sits next to in class. Because if its the first option, I'm probably going to have to put in some kind of mail order and there's no telling how long that will take. And I can't handle waiting for a solution to this almost immediate problem that I didn't have yesterday.

Oooh, and THEN on top of all that -- I have to worry about whether or not he will have any friends. And if kids will be nice to him. And if he's going to be short for his age.  And if he will actually eat the lunch I packed for him. And if he's going to start saying words that aren't even real words just because other kids say them. Wait, actually, he makes up his own words now, so that one will probably be okay. But the rest of those things are going to keep me up late at night trying to figure out Pinterest just so I can block out the emotional wreckage this monstrosity called "school" has left behind. Either that, or I'll just make some cookies and lie under a blanket giggling and reading stories with a little boy while I can.

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