Decorated Magic Lamp Cookies for an Arabian Princess Party

I took my baby to the swimming pool for the first time tonight since she became actually aware of the world. (LOVE this age by the way!!) She looked at all that water like it was a controlled substance. Which, to be fair, it kind of IS at my house. My girls have overflowed our bathtub TWICE in the last 12 months in an effort to get the temperature "just right". And even when there are only 2 inches in thing to begin with, they still manage to get most of it on the bathroom floor during mermaid exercises.

Mermaid exercises.

That's happening at my house. I don't even.... I mean....


I don't even know how that happened. One minute I am raising 3 little girls that like dirt and bugs and baseball. And then without even blinking, their closets are overflowing with shoes and princess dresses and love notes they've written each other.

And I'm not really sure how the next 17 years of my life are going to turn out, but at least I'll have really clean bathroom floors and be super good at planning princess parties.

Want to see how I made these magic lamp cookies for an Arabian princess party? It was pretty much all wet-on-wet so I made you a video. You know...instead of doing my mermaid exercises. 


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