Free Find Friday -- Craftsy Class

Okay look, I know today is Friday. I know it's supposed to be a "Fantastic Find" kind of day...but this week's find just didn't get here in time for me to properly test it out. So...excuses, excuses...I'm just going to give something away anyway!

If you don't know - I filmed a Craftsy class last fall. It's all about thinking outside the cookie cutter. We're talking a whole 124 minutes of chatting about cookie cutters and making some fun cookie projects. The class is divided into 6 lessons.

Lesson 1 gets your brain working by taking simple shapes and seeing what you can fit inside of them. (Don't skimp on the homework! It will really change the way you look at cookie cutters!)

Lesson 2 gets a little more detailed with more complex shapes of cutters. I talk about all the different parts of a cutter and how to visualize more than just the originally intended shape by utilizing each cutter's unique angles and shapes.

In Lesson 3 we realize that sometimes a design is *almost* perfect for a cutter and I talk about using one cutter to remove portions of another cutter.

Lesson 4 turns things inside out as I talk about how to find the right cutter for a design you already have in your head. (And we make the most adorable pirate cookies EVER!!)

Lesson 5 shows you how to truly create endless cookie possibilities by combining cutters to create even more designs.

Lesson 6 puts everything together as we design, sketch, and make an entire set of circus cookies. I even talk a little bit about how to come up with design ideas for a cohesive set of cookies.

So, what do you think? Are you in? Do you want to win my class? Just click that Easy Entry button below by midnight on Friday, May 6, 2016.

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Can't wait to see if you've won? Click HERE to get 50% off my Craftsy class! And be sure to tell me in the comments below if there is a product or tool you want me to test out for Fantastic Find Fridays!

PS -- Did you know that Craftsy has almost 50 FREE MINI CLASSES? Check them out HERE.  


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