Super Teacher Cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week

Learn how to use royal icing to make decorated Super Teacher Cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week!

I need some advice from all you parents who have had more than one child. I just CAN NOT figure out how you get all of your kids in the car at the same time without one of them lying boneless on the ground sobbing endlessly because someone else "sat in their seat."

I tried assigning seats like the Type A mother that I am. It worked well until I missed the rotation day and everyone hated me. And by "everyone" I mean my oldest child who never ever ever forgets a single thing that I promise him. I'm worried this will really come back to bite me when he turns 12 and wakes up to find that he does NOT, in fact own a pony.

I tried a "first one there gets the back seat" rule...but nobody wants the backseat. So I suddenly found myself with 4 children that were entirely incapable of finding our car and climbing inside. My little Princess A actually hid under her bed so she could be the last person in the car.

Then I tried the opposite approach -- the first ones to the car got to pick their own seat. And invariably the first 2 children will choose the seats next to the door so every other child has to crawl over/around them. My little P actually tried to crawl over someone's HEAD to get to the backseat.

You guys. How in the ever-loving-world am I ever going to make it to the grocery store and back without losing my mind before even leaving my driveway??!! ***  I's no wonder I go for apples and come back with mustard and popsicles...and an electric blanket. (Who even knew you could buy one of those at a grocery store?! I love this world.)

I can't even imagine how teachers feel at the end of every school day! They really do deserve these Super Teacher Cookie Awards!! Want to make some?

1. Use a food color marker to trace a mini apple cutter in the center of the super hero cookie.
2. Use a thick black icing and a #2.5 tip to outline the edge of the cookie and the inside edges of the badge and around the apple. It's kind of tricky to explain really. I could never be a teacher. You should just look at the picture on this one. Let the black icing dry completely.
3. Fill in the apple and outside spaces with a medium consistency red icing and a #2 tip. Be careful not to overfill your black lines.
4. You can wait for the red to dry...or you can just go for it and fill in the empty spaces with yellow icing. If your icing tends to crater, place the cookies in front of a fan for the first 15 minutes. Let dry for 3-4 hours.
5. Pipe a stem with the thick black icing and #2.5 tip. Add a leaf with green icing. You can just pipe a vague leaf shape or you can use a leaf tip (I used a #352) to make the petal. Let dry and hand deliver to your favorite teacher!


See how I made the CRAYONS and the PENCILS.

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***Not a rhetorical question. Please send help.


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