How to Make COLORED Chalkboard Cookies

How to Make Colored Chalkboard Cookies

I am the last person on earth that would claim perfection in parenting. I mean, just TODAY--

I lied to my children and told them the juice was all gone...when in fact it wasn't.
I pretended I couldn't hear my children calling for me while I was in the bathroom.
My little P was quiet for 20 whole minutes before I went to check on her.
I let my Princess A wear her purple dress-up gown to school drop off so I could go yet one more day without doing laundry.
I made scrambled eggs, quesadillas, and cut up apples for dinner.
I bribed my children to clean up the living room...with cookies.

But for all my shortcomings, there are two things I have done right as a mother. The first one -- I taught them to hold juice pouches at the top two corners. Even my little P knows how to hold them without squishing juice all over the front of her shirt. I'm not going to lie, I'm super proud of that.

And the second thing -- bedtime is book time at our house. We have a "soft" bedtime where everyone has to be in their room. They can go to sleep or read until their "hard" bedtime. It just happened one day and it has been THE BEST THING that has ever happened to me as a parent. Because some days... I just can't make it 7 seconds past bedtime. And I never have to fight with them on the soft bed time because they know it means they'll have to go straight to lights-out. And it gives me 30 minutes to an hour to get stuff done before going through the whole, I-need-another-700-drinks-and-the-lights-on-because-there-might-be-a-bug-and-you-didn't-say-I-love-you-the-8th-time THING. Like right now. They are all reading and I'm writing a blog post. About COLORED CHALKBOARD COOKIES!!! I'm so excited and the time is ticking so let's just get right to it!

Are you ready for the big reveal? The magic? The secret?! Here it is. See? You see it? What? You don't see? It's that little drop of white food coloring on top of the regular green food coloring. You can use any white food coloring, but THIS ONE is my favorite.

Just mix it in with a boo-boo stick or the back end of a paintbrush until it's all the same color. Repeat with all the colors you want to use on your chalkboard.

I mixed white into an entire palette of food coloring because I knew I wanted to use lots of colors. You can mix as many colors or as few as you like. You can mix them on a paper plate if you want to. Once they are mixed, just grab a brush and start painting on your black cookies!!

 You can use the food color freshly mixed or let it dry in the palette and use a wet brush or (my favorite) a water brush to re-hydrate your colored chalk paint. These work great not only on black chalkboard cookies, but will also work on white or colored cookies as well.

How to Make COLORED Chalkboard Cookies! cool are these colored chalkboards?! You NEED to try this and show me what you make!! It's SO fun to play with!



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