Inspired Birthday Cookies

Can I tell you a secret? I totally thought that the submissions for my own challenge opened TODAY.  I had some vague idea of the cookies I would create. I planned to make them sometime.

And then all of a sudden, I was procrastinating over at the Cookier R Us forum and someone mentioned that they had already linked up.

WHAT?! I have officially crossed the "too much" procrastination line. So I turned my oven on at 11pm last night and out came these fun treats.

You guys... this was probably one of my favorite challenges yet. I mean, I got to spend HOURS browsing around the world in my jams (vicariously from my couch of course) just to put together the Pinterest board for the challenge. And then I got to stare at those gorgeous photos even longer while pretending to think about birthday parties.

And THEN... I got to make these lovely little gems. And also, this has nothing to do with the challenge, but I got a new cake plate last night. And I like that too.

Submissions are starting to come in! Go visit the Inspiration Challenge Post to see what others have created, to see the Pinterest board that inspired these cookies, or to link up your own cookies. And remember -- one person will win a $50 gift certificate to Etsy. You still have until July 2nd to create your own inspired creations!

PS -- In case you missed it on Facebook last week... this is a rough explanation of why I missed my own deadline.  

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