Cookie Caricatures

A few days ago someone asked me if I could make them some people cookies. And I laughed and laughed because people aren't cookies. And then I felt kind of stupid because apparently they meant cookies that look like people. And then I laughed and laughed again because I cannot make cookies that look like people.

Remember that one time I made a cookie that was supposed to look like Gerald Ford? And after 4 weeks of planning, 2 days of execution and 1 hour of crying, it ended up looking vaguely like a human male? That is the extent of my "making cookies that look like people" skill. Which is about as impressive as singing the alphabet song in the shower at the age of 26.

And then add on the fact that these cookies of real live people were going to be given to those real LIVE people... it was hysteria. My mind was fading in and out. I started saying things like, "Yes. I can do that." And "that would be fun." I couldn't stop myself. I was completely out of control.

After I hung up the phone, I actually went swimming because I was headed in that direction in the first place. But then, after I got home for real, I realized what I had done. And I couldn't undo it because the whole cosmic balance of the universe would have been altered or something. And also, because secretly, I really did want to do them.

So I decided to go with caricatures. Because then you can grossly change proportions and no one cares. In fact, if you mess something up completely, people will look at them and say, "Hmm, I never realized my nose was so close to the other side of my head."

Thank goodness I had sketched out a mermaid with this diamond ring cutter for the Creative Cutter Challenge. I knew the shape would be perfect. Mostly because it offers a teeny-tiny body space. Which, in cookie decorator language means -- less space, less detail, less chance to mess things up horribly beyond repair.

And also, in case you were wondering... I just painted on the cookie. SO much easier. I could use any color I wanted to and it only took seconds to mix it up. If you want to see some AMAZING painted cookies... you should go check out Arty McGoo's blog!

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