A Perfect Platter of Patriotic Popsicles and...umm... stars.

I had this idea for chevron popsicles in my head for pretty much a lifetime. I took it with me on family vacations to the water park. I tucked it in at night and taught it to sing Yankee Doodle. When it got older, I bought it a car and then had to ground it when it stayed out waaaaaay past our agreed upon curfew.  And then there were the loud parties and the 3 am slurpee runs... It got to be just a little overwhelming. So naturally, I finally made the idea into actual cookies and hated them.

I hated them a lot more right in the middle there where the icing is sort of starting to dry and you are kind of wondering if you are done and if you should clean up the icing from off the counter and floor and your pants and also that whole strand of hair that somehow is now a strange color of blue even though it was all tied up tight on top of your head the whole time. I mean, really, does icing FLY?!

I hated them a little less after the icing was dry and I had time to think back on the day we went for a run together and ended up sitting next to each other at the mall trying to guess what everyone had come to purchase while sharing a giant cinnamon bun that threatened to destroy my arteries. Although to be fair, I had way less than half. That idea just ate and ate and never gained a pound.

Anyway... want to make some? You don't even have to own a popsicle cutter. I just took a wobbly old circle cutter that wasn't quite circle shape anymore and bent it into a popsicle shape. It literally took me 7 seconds. If you have metal circle cutters, you really should just make one into a popsicle and buy some plastic circle cutters. They don't lose their shape so easy.

1. Make a popsicle cutter from a circle cutter or buy one HERE or HERE.
2. Print out a chevron pattern and trace it with a food color marker to create chevron stripes on the cookie.
3. Fill in the red stripes with 15-17 count red icing and a #3 tip. Go for the slightly rounded chevron look to avoid as much stress as possible. Let it dry for a couple of hours or overnight.
4. Fill in the white stripes with 15-17 count white icing and a #3 tip. Let it dry for another hour.
5. Fill in the top part with 15 count blue icing. Cover with blue sanding sugar. When the blue is dry enough to shake off the excess sanding sugar, add a shine line with white icing and a #2 tip. Let dry for 2 more hours.
6. Pipe a zig-zag on the back with thick royal icing in whatever color you feel is most appropriate. Press a popsicle stick into the icing and allow to dry for another hour.
7. Eat. Repeat. Enjoy.

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