Baking Cookies made with love

Once upon a time, there was an awful, awful tornado that devastated a community. And the nation was stunned. And heartbroken for them. And desperately wished they could help but didn't know how.

And then someone named Shannon had an idea. And she shared her idea. And it grew into a giant idea of helping and love and generosity. And cookie makers all over the country auctioned off cookies and unbelievable people with the giantest hearts that ever existed bid on those cookies and all the money went to help those people in that tornado ravaged community. And I got to be part of that.

And I got to make these cookies for a super sweet woman named Betty Jo.  She even let me make whatever cookies I wanted to.... as long as they were chocolate.

So I did some high-tech super sleuthing that involved clicking from Facebook to her blog page and found this beauty.

And then it was the natural next step to re-create it all in cookie form and send them on their way to that lovely woman.

You can find Betty Jo's blog HERE and her Facebook page HERE. Also... if you wanted to tell Shannon that her idea was pure genius and love all mixed together... her Facebook page is HERE.

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