Challenge Yourself -- Add Something Extra

Is everyone crazy busy with all your demanding summer fun activities? I'm not actually. But I like to pretend that my life is just crammed full of meaningful and educational adventures that my children will remember for years and years. The truth is, we go to the pool occasionally, play baseball and pick mulberries when we feel like it. And also make cookies. I just leave some icing in a bottle and make extra cookies for them to decorate whenever they decide it is time to decorate more cookies. Which is pretty much all the time.

You can imagine I don't have a ton of extra time these days. So I decided to make July's challenge relatively simple.

Add something extra to your cookies this month. 

It can be sanding sugar.

Or sugar pearls.

 Or actual candy. Or nonpareils. Or anything else you feel is appropriate. 

1. Each entry must be a new project made during the month of July, 2013.
2. Each entry must use something creative in addition to royal icing or glaze.
3. Link up before August 1, 2013. 
4. One entry will be chosen using to win the following prizes --

I talked to my super friend Stephanie who sells Pampered Chef kitchen type things and she's helped me put together the prizes for this month. Pretty much since the very first second that I posted the End All For Chocolate Cookies Recipe, I have wanted to tell you about the adjustable measuring spoons. It's ONE spoon, and it can measure anything from 1/4 tsp to... well, more. And the cup does the same thing. And the white porcelain plate is just too pretty. And Stephanie wants you to have one because she's lovely like that.  Also... if you didn't know, (which I didn't until 10 minutes ago) you can just buy stuff off their website now. You don't have to have all your closest acquaintances come sit in your living room and touch everything before deciding to buy it. So if you can't wait to win that adjustable measuring spoon... you can just go HERE.

For everyone else, get to adding a little something extra to your cookies and link them up any time between now and the end of the month!! And if you need a little inspiration, go spend your entire day browsing through Anita's website -- SWEET HOPE COOKIES. She is a master at adding a little something extra to her cookies!


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