Western Wedding

This has been a big week for my kids. The youngest two saw a vacuum for the first time in their lives. The oldest saw a LADDER for the first time in his life. And then... he got to climb it.  They picked their first ever vegetable from their first ever garden.

They saw their first ever parade and their first ever giant inflatable dinosaur pretending to dance in a parade. And had their first parade-candy stomach ache and subsequent sugar crash leading to a very sticky nap and the "what have I done to myself?" crying upon awakening. They saw fireworks for the first time. And got burned by fireworks for the first time. (And for the record... one of them also burned my shirt.... but let's not talk about me...)

Actually, let's do talk about me. Because I finally figured out my favorite method for making cookies look old. Do you want to know how I did it? (Please say yes because I already took pictures and everything.) I tried it two different ways with these cookies. I painted brown on the edges of the flower and used a wet paint brush to kind of smooth it out and make it look all smudgy. It seems a little harsh for me because I'm actually quite inept at this technique. I used luster dust on the edge of the cake cookie and then actually smudged it with my non-sticky fingers because I DIDN'T get to eat any of the cotton candy from the festival. Let me just show you what I mean.

1. I use mahogany and antique green. The mahogany is a little too orange to be brown and the green is obviously too green to be brown... so I mix them both.
2. But I don't mix them until right as I am using them. That way you get a little more color dimension.
3. So you dip your food grade paintbrush in one color and then the other and the gently rub it along the edges. Try not to drop so much excess on your cookie like I did. But a little bit of excess is good because you can use it for smudges in a second.
4. Rub the luster dust into the edges of the cookie. Then, with the same finger, wipe off the dust that fell haphazardly into the middle of your cookie. If it gets too dark anywhere, use a paper towel, or another clean finger to wipe some of it off. Definitely quit while you are ahead or it just gets dark and kind of weird.

And since it is the first Friday of the month, you better believe that the inspiration for these Western Wedding cookies came from THIS CARD that my crazy creative card making cousin made over on her blog, Simply Pam's Creations.  I just love that she lets me make her gorgeous and fun cards into cookies every month!

If using luster dust and getting all smudgy isn't for you... check out these links for alternate methods --


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