Quick Photo Tip -- White Balance

Cookies are cookies. Unless I take pictures of them in the morning and then they turn into little monsters from another planet where everything is blue even if it is supposed to be pink or white. And no matter what you do in post-processing, they never come back and look like their charming little selves again.... which leave you with no choice but to hate them. And it's not really their fault. It's that shady guy called White Balance that somehow manages to turn them from creatures of love and sugar into those little things that will hereafter be referred to as "cookies I now hate because I can't figure out how to get the right white balance in my pictures."

Except that, I CAN!!! Lisa from The Bearfoot Baker has the best post EVER on how to adjust your white balance before you ever take a single photo of those adorable little cookies. I love her. And her post. And one time, she even came to my house and sat on one of my folding chairs and pretended that my children hadn't thrown their macaroni and cheese all over my kitchen floor. If that wasn't love right there, her white balance post seriously sealed the deal. Also, if you haven't clicked over by now, you should. If you still aren't sure what to do... CLICK HERE.

Basically, you take a picture of something white and then tell your camera that it should be white by finding the Set Custom White Balance option in your menu. So then your camera starts thinking back to all those years of physics it had to take in high school and adjusts the temperature balance of the light coming into your camera.... and then out comes a small miracle -- white backgrounds that are actually white.

Do you want to know something slightly disturbing? The top of each set of these pictures where the white words are.... that was the same WHITE piece of paper. Ick, right? I used the Auto White Balance (AWB) setting to take a picture of them and then used that to adjust my custom white balance before taking the second picture in each set.


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