Chalkboard Wedding Cookies

It's not really a secret that I love cookie cutters. But do you know what I love more than cookie cutters?


Okay, so not all of these are brand new cutters. I'm pretty sure the dogwood blossom cutter has been around for my entire cookie decorating life. I've just never been interested enough to pay attention to it before now. But now that I know about it.... it's been kind of hard to live my life without it. My food seems colder somehow. And my colors seem faded and there is no longer music playing as I dance about my mornings. (This one might be explained by the fact that it is now summer and my alarm clock doesn't go off anymore. Also, I don't actually dance. But I'm happy to attribute it to the lack of a dogwood blossom cutter if you don't mind.)

PS -- That picture up there? Totally clickable. If you want to immediately leave my blog and go purchase a mini palm tree on the mini palm tree cutter. Need a floppy hat cutter? Click on it. It's kind of like the wall paper in Willy Wonka... which reminds me of my new favorite cutter...

Small Plaque Cutter -- Karen's Cookies

It might be my favorite new cutter because I actually OWN IT. And also because as soon as I saw it, I wanted to make golden tickets and Willy Wonka themed cookies. I can't possibly live a normal life until this happens. You can steal my idea if you want to. Just promise to send me a picture so I can end this unhealthy obsession with Willy Wonka cookies.

In the meantime though... it's found it's way deep into my heart by being the perfect shape for a chalkboard wedding cookie. Not that it had far to go. As I previously mentioned... I loved it the moment I saw it. So really, it was just shallow into my heart before these cookies. And now that it's deep in there... I can't wait to use it again.

Another PS -- I used the white food marker I made in THIS POST for most of the writing on the cookie chalkboards.

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