Pink Cupcake Birthday Cookies

Let me tell you a joke. I used to think that I got to plan my own children's parties. I dreamed of all the fun themes I could choose and the perfectly matching decorations and the sumptuously laid out food and dessert tables. And all the wrapping paper would coordinate perfectly with the invitations and the party favors.

I forgot to factor in reality. I have a child that is very nearly 3 years old. I have been trying to arrange her party according to her directions for the last 2 weeks. Luckily for me, she doesn't even know what a pony is yet. She actually doesn't even know how to plan a party. You would think she would trust me to make the best possible decisions for this momentous occasion in her life. After all, I am taller than her.... so obviously I'm going to be better at hanging streamers and unlocking the door and replacing light bulbs, and also I can bake, and she's not even allowed to use the oven yet.

Her instructions are simple. Pink. And Cupcake. As in.... How old are you going to be? -- Pink. What do you want for your birthday? -- Pink. How many more days until your birthday? -- Pink. She also thinks I am growing her birthday cake in my backyard. Apparently baby birthday cakes look a lot like zucchini plants.

Thank goodness it was time for another Cookies and Card Challenge. My sweet and talented cousin who blogs her creative paper projects at Simply Pam's Creations made THE PERFECT card for inspiration... and the entire rest of the set just fell into place from here. You can see how she made her Cupcake Card HERE.

And since I know you are going to ask about the mini cupcake cookie... You can purchase the cutter online HERE at Fancy Flours. I outlined along the imprints with a #2 tip. I found that it worked best to outline next to the imprints, but not on them. Cutest cupcake cookie ever? Yes. My nearly 3 year old said so.

In case you don't know.... my cousin also turns some of my cookies into a card! Click HERE to jump over and check out her project this month!

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