How to Make Decorated Balloon Cookies with a Rattle Cutter

Decorated Sugar Cookies that look like party balloons for birthdays or New Year's Eve -- NYE

I tried to call in "sick" today. After 4 hours of sleep and shoveling nearly a foot of snow yesterday...I figured I had earned a few hours on the couch with my electric blanket. Although, if we're being completely honest that electric blanket is just the gateway drug that leads to an afternoon of Amazon shopping. But as it turns out,
Christmas is over, we're all stocked up on paper plates and dishwasher soap and there isn't another birthday in our house for months. Amazon window shopping just isn't as fun. There was actually a second where I thought to myself, "I guess I could do laundry."

Luckily for the sake of balance in the universe, I was quickly brought to my senses by a sudden commotion in the kitchen involving a brand new "soda fountain" toy that had been upheaved due to a bit of a physical disagreement between two extremely interested parties which resulted in a multi- colored torrent of what I assumed to be soda heading straight toward the giant pile of Legos that were on their way to becoming an airplane hangar. And if screaming could have parted the Red Sea... my son's efforts would have done the job. But as it turns out the only clean towel in the house was wrapped around the shoulders of my youngest daughter who was currently running around the living room wearing 3 skirts and trying to fly.

Basically, my house is a party. And everyone knows that parties require balloons. (Seriously do not even TRY to convince me otherwise. I don't think I want to live in a world where parties don't require balloons.) Want to make some?

See how here.


Grab the supplies -- CUTTER, BLACK AIRBRUSH COLORING or WILTON'S COLOR MIST BLACK or DARK COCOA POWDER. Get the NUMBER CUTTERS (I just cut off the top candle part).

Use the same cutter to make CLOCK COOKIES for New Year's Eve. 


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