How to Make Knitted Striped Mitten Coookies

How to make decorated sugar cookies that look like striped knitted mittens.

Stop me if you've heard this story before.  A girl has a cookie order that is due in 1 week. Girl procrastinates cookie order until the very last second. And then procrastinates just a little more while convincing herself that she can just "work a little faster" or "stay up just a little later" and totally make up the time. And then completely freaks out and loses her mind when she realizes
that she will never ever sleep again until those cookies are made. But she's so tired from all that procrastinating and all she wants to do is go to bed. So she freaks out a little more and maybe watches a few shows on Netflix to maker herself feel better...and by now it's 11pm and they need to be done the next day and when she opens her fridge to grab the butter (because CLEARLY she hasn't even made the dough yet! What is this? Some kind of efficient operation or something?) she realizes -- she doesn't HAVE ANY.

Sound familiar? Yeah. Me either. I mean... I would *never* do that. Especially not last night. And I especially wouldn't walk around the house trying to find my husband so that he can feel bad for me before I go to the store.

Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies -- tutorial

You know, the only good thing about my journey out into the night for butter and sugar was that I got to listen to the radio in my car. And ACTUAL music came out.  Usually it sounds more like the arguing of four children. I had almost forgotten that it existed. Kiiiiiiiiind of like how I almost forgot that I made this tutorial until someone asked about the striped mittens yesterday. Thank goodness for YOU GUYS!!

I tried taking pictures...but it just looks so much more complicated with pictures than it really is. So enjoy the video instead.


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