How to Pipe a Pinecone with Royal Icing

How to make a decorated pine cone sugar cookie -- tutorial

Sometimes I aimlessly watch YouTube videos late at night. It's a sickness really. Someone please meddle in my life choices. I'm begging you -- stage an intervention. Please. And I definitely wouldn't say no to some snacks at said intervention. Maybe those
little crescent roll things you can buy in a can that taste like crispy buttery goodness? I think they are the universal word for "I will always love you so don't take this the wrong way..."

 I mean... it's not like I have absolutely nothing on my "to get done today before I completely freak out" list. Ever. And I basically ALWAYS need more sleep. But for some reason, I'm absolutely convinced that the next video in the cue is going to be unbelievably interesting and life altering. You know, as opposed to the 37 jillion videos I just watched. Can 3,457 thumbs up really be wrong?!

How to make a decorated pine cone sugar cookie -- tutorial

I've noticed something though. After about 10pm...all the Enya videos (Are you seriously judging me right now?! I've already told you I don't make the best life choices after decorating 4 dozen cookies. My brain cells are on strike.) ANYWAY...after 10 pm, all the Enya videos have advertisements for sleeping pills. Sigh... even YouTube judges me. But you still love me, right guys?


What if I showed you how I pipe pinecones with royal icing? Would that smooth things over?


Get the supplies -- Mitten Cutter, Tree Cutter, Ornament Cutter, Plaque Cutter, Star Cutter, the Wilton 101 Tip, and the Cable Knit Stencil. The Santa and Reindeer cutters came from Home Goods. I can't find them online.

See how to make SUPER THICK icing that won't break your teeth HERE. (There's also a video for those silver loop flowers over there too!)

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