Make Your Own Cookie Molds

I made cookies for someone I've never met. I know her name. And her address. And I know that every week of her life she mails an envelope of expired coupons to soldiers who live in Korea. (The military grocery stores that are overseas accept expired coupons for up to 6 months.) That's all I know.

I've spent an inordinate amount of time looking at her scrawling script and I've decided that she's old and sweet and probably uses her crochet scissors to cut out those coupons while watching reruns of "The Price is Right." And she has shag carpet in her living room. And she may or may not belong to a pinochle league that plays every Tuesday.

And also, I've decided that someone needs to tell her that the envelope makes it here every week. And that soldiers and family members stand around sorting through the coupons and talking to each other when it comes in. And that young mothers live for the diaper coupons and that single guys who have never seen the inside of an oven still get excited when their favorite snack or drink has a coupon. And that those guys probably wash their jeans before the coupon ever sees the drawer of a cash register. Although, I'm willing to bet she already knows the last part.

So I made her some cookies. And just now I realized that she might be diabetic. Or have allergies. Or just a reasonable suspicion of baked goods coming from a stranger in a foreign country. Hmmm....maybe I need to rethink my plan.

In the meantime...let me tell you about that United States Seal cookie. I've gotten a lot of emails about it and I'm super excited to show you how I did it. It is one of my new favorite cookies to make because I can go from butter in a bowl to a finished cookie in less than an hour. (Assuming of course that my children are asleep. And don't need a glass of water. Or just one more story. And that the frogs in the rice paddies aren't keeping anyone awake and making them think that something might be under their bed.)

Here is my secret -- 
I used a mold to make the cookie. 

A silicon mold, not icky black mold. First, I made the mold. And then I made the cookies. I want to show you how to make the mold today and I'm saving the "how to make a cookie from the mold" part for next time because I get so tired of listening to myself think sometimes and then I start thinking about how weird it is that you think at all and I wonder if babies think with actual words even though they don't even know words. And is it even possible to just stop thinking for 10 minutes? Because, I've tried it, and I'm not a very good non-thinker. That is definitely not my super-hero power. Neither is mold-making, but I'm going to show you how to do it anyway.

You are going to need some mold putty and something to mold.  (I used Amazing Mold Putty.You can buy it at all those big craft and hobby stores in America or online)

1. Pull out a chunk of the yellow stuff and a chunk of the white stuff. Roll them around in a ball so you can make sure they are roughly equal. 
2. Mix them together by rolling and kneading and pushing every which way until it is all the same color. Make sure you read the directions of whatever type of mold putty you are using so you know how long you have before the putty starts setting up. (3-5 minutes for Amazing Mold Putty.)
3. Roll it into a pretty ball and then smash it. I mean....flatten it, making sure it is at least as wide as the item you are going to be molding.
4. Try to make sure it is completely flat. See how my edges are a little higher than the middle? That is not ideal. Don't be like me.

5. Gently place your item on top of your flattened circle. This is the point of no return. Make sure it is centered.
6. Very carefully, press the item into the silicone. I like to push it just below the surface. Walk away and don't look at it while it cures. Avoid the urge to "check on it" every 2 minutes.
7. Bend the edges of the mold back and your item should pop right out.
8. Wash well and you are ready to use your mold!

Seriously, I'm not going to leave you hanging on the other half of this cookie. Just as soon as I sleep and do some dishes and maybe comb my hair (not necessarily in that order) I will come back.


UPDATE -- See how I used this mold to make the cookies HERE.

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