How to Make Decorated Statue of Liberty Cookies

How to decorate a Statue of Liberty sugar cookie -- tutorial

I don't understand how my children are still alive. They've basically stopped eating every food that is not straight sugar. I used to divide a week of dinners between food I KNOW they will eat, and food I want to trick them into eating because it's actually healthy and a little bit of variety will really help them develop into the socially responsible adults I know they are destined to be. It used to work.

But these days? It's like I'm trying to feed them dirt. Mixed with bugs. And poison, apparently. Because they start freaking out as soon as they see me coming. They don't even LOOK at the food first. HONEST-TO-GOODNESS....they've even melted into their little puddle of "I'll never eat again and you can't make me because I can scream longer than you have patience for" with a PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH.

I am officially out of ideas. I stopped giving them snacks. And it's not like there is some magical fairy living under the stairs that comes out at night and invites them all to a gigantic ice cream party. They have GOT to be starving at this point. But I still spent 45 minutes listening to my 4 year old tell me all the reasons why she hates me because I wouldn't let her play until she ate FIVE bites of PIZZA. You guys. I essentially force-fed my daughter pizza. Pizza. How do you even come back from something like that?

By drowning your parenting sorrows in sugar, that's how. And there any other way? (If you say "exercise" we can never be friends. Ever ever ever.) Like these decorated Lady Liberty cookies! They are the perfect sugar remedy if you ask me. Which you didn't. But maybe you should sometime, because aside from 7 seconds ago when you were about to suggest exercising, we're basically best friends forever. And best friends ask each other for advice all the time.

How to decorate a Statue of Liberty sugar cookie -- tutorial

1. Use a food color marker to trace around a circle cutter to give you a guideline for the crown and the face.
2. Grab some medium consistency green icing and a #2 tip. Use the top of the circle to help you outline and fill the band area for the crown. Use medium consistency skin color icing to outline and fill the area for the face, leaving room for the hair. Let it dry for 15 minutes.
3. Pipe the large triangles around the crown with the same green icing. And then put a whole bunch of green icing on the bottom that kind of looks like a robe. Let it dry for another 15 minutes.
4. Fill in the hair space with a medium consistency brown icing. Add some pony tails if you want to. I clearly did. Pipe some tiny little triangles around the crown in the spaces between the big triangles. Then pipe a sashy-type thing on top of the robe and let it dry for 15 minutes.
5. Pipe the bottom of the torch and a square for the tablet....and let dry for another 15 minutes.
6. Use a leaf tip (I used a #65 tip) and some thick orange icing to add a flame to the top of the torch. Use skin color icing to pipe dots of icing for hands. Grab some thick black icing and a #1.5 tip and pipe a smile and eyes. Let it dry again.
7. Use a green food color marker to give the crown some details. Add details to the hair with thick brown icing and a #1.5 tip. Pipe some sleeves with that green icing again and finish it off by giving our lady some rosy cheeks. I used a pink food color marker, but you could also use luster dust or food coloring.

See it all in action.


Grab the color formulas for all of these PATRIOTIC COLORS

Patriotic decorated chocolate sugar cookies - Statue of Liberty and fireworks


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