How to Make Knitted Pumpkin Cookies

Sometimes when I'm planning a set of cookies, I get an idea stuck in my head and I can't abandon it even if I'm fairly certain that it will never ever in a million years actually work out. And I try reallllly hard to convince myself that it will be a colossal waste of time. And will only end in tears and ice cream. But those sneaky little cookie cutters always seem to find their way into my cutting pile anyway. And between you and least half the time it does end in some gigantic failure. Like, the kind of failure I want to set on fire and then bury in the backyard before anyone sees it. But sometimes....SOMETIMES....they turn out like these fantastic knitted pumpkin cookies.

I saw a picture of a pumpkin someone had actually knitted. And I loved it. And wanted one of my very own to hold and love and squish until it told me it loved me best in the whole wide world. As it turns out though...I can't actually matter how many times my grandmother has tried to teach me. So I got this crazy idea that I should make them into cookies. And then I immediately got out the ice cream because I knew where this was heading. didn't. It *actually* worked. And then everyone wanted to know how I made it, and I was all, "Umm...with sugar and umm...I forget because I was closing my eyes in case it exploded." So I had to make them again. And this time I took pictures!

1. Umm...yeah...the first step would definitely be baking the cookies. (I don't know why I insist on putting a blank cookie in the tutorial photos.)
2. Outline and fill a vaguely tear-drop shape in the center of the pumpkin. Add two outside segments that parallel the curve of the cookie. Let dry for an hour.
3. Fill in the center segments of the pumpkin with the same icing. Let dry overnight.
4. Place a CABLE KNIT stencil over the pumpkin. Spread thick purple icing over the segments of the cookie. Remove the stencil and clean the edges with a scraper stick. Use the flat end of the scraper stick to draw through the crevices between the segments.
5. Add a stem with medium consistency brown icing.

Don't worry. I made a video too!


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