Patriotic Cookies

I am officially proclaiming this the year of the unconventional cookie. Go ahead and do what you want. Especially with patriotic cookies.

 In case you don't know...I am American and our flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars. Try making THAT on a cookie. know...not. That's  what I did. (The "not" option.) Because I can't make 13 straight lines. And believe me....someone ALWAYS counts.

I had this great idea to make red, white, and blue beach themed cookies. I had the most darling sunglasses all pictured up in my head. And then...I saw that someone else had made them, right down to the beach towel and sunglasses. And they were gorgeous. And I was so jealous that I forgot who made them. But if any of YOU see them...tell me and we'll share them with the world. In the meantime...check out THESE by Pam at Cookie Crazie. I just want to snatch that shaved ice cookie right off my screen!

Seriously, I think that a holiday celebrated with barbecues and watermelon spitting contests can handle a little unconventional-ness. It's practically telling you to take it easy and lay off the tricky details. You should probably listen.

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