of one...

This may come as a big shock to all of you, but apparently, I know myself better than anyone else on the planet. My daughter turned ONE last week. I knew it was coming for quite a while. I started planning months out. I got really into the color theme of navy, white, and yellow. And then.... (just as I KNEW I would, I might add) I got tired of it. And switched to red and white days before the party. And by "party" I mean, regular old evening spent with her parents and big brother except this time she got to eat all the cake she wanted and got actual presents that were for HER and not hand-me-downs from her brother.

So, if you remember...I had originally planned something like THIS. 

And she ended up with THIS. I tell myself that it's okay because she's only one and she doesn't care what her cake looks like as long as it tastes good and she gets to eat as much as she likes. And I tell myself that I still love her just as much as I would if I had made her a giant cake that took days and days. And I tell myself that when she is 34 and going through some personal identity crisis that it won't at all be related to the fact that she didn't feel loved and adored because she didn't get a huge decorated cake on her first birthday like every other loved and adored child in the world does. I tell myself that she will have personal issues years down the road because I let her burn her tiny little finger on her very first birthday candle** -- but not because of the size of the cake.

Even though the "party" was tiny. I still had to coordinate things. And match colors. And have candy. I can't help it.  Although, I'm a little weirded out by the droopy strawberry cake. In fact, if you were really my friend you wouldn't even be looking at this picture in the first place. 

Seriously, stop looking at it. 

In my defense (because it's really important to me that you not judge my strawberry and cream  cake making abilities without ALL the facts)...I had to make it with frozen strawberries. Okay. Go ahead and judge now. Thanks for hearing me out.

** True Story. I really do need to work on my "mothering skills."  Do they offer some kind of  How-To class for mothers before they have to put together a first birthday party? Maybe a support group or something?

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