Graduation Cake

So... I've never made a graduation cake before. I wasn't sure which approach I should take. I had a few viable options--

Option 1:  "Good luck on making it in that big scary world that is waiting to eat you up and foreclose on your future house."

Option 2: "Thank goodness you don't have to go THERE everyday anymore, huh?"

Option 3: "Congratulations Graduates!"

The second option is what I would have gone with if it were my own graduation. The third one seems the most celebratory, but it made me quite nervous. I that Cakewrecks is around, the standard for graduation cakes is set pretty high. I was pretty sure it would end up something like this --

"Gongradulates Cradations!"

And in case you are wondering...that wouldn't be ideal. So I chose an alternate route with absolutely no emotion or advise or really much of anything except stars and swirly metal things and sugar. Lots of sugar. But then I started getting all weird in my head. I kept looking at the cake thinking, "It IS 2011, right? Shoot, I better go look at my calendar. Okay, whew -- 2011. Whoa --- what if I bought a misprinted calendar and it's really NOT 2011. And no one told me. For 5 months. Great, now I have bad friends and made a huge mistake on a very important sugar confection...." And then I got over that and started wondering if "CLASS" was spelled with two "s's" or not. I should probably just not make graduation cakes.

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