How To Make Conversation Heart Colored Icing -- Color Palette with Formulas

Use these royal icing color formulas to learn how to make some royal icing colors that perfectly match Valentine's Day conversation heart candies!!  

Valentine's Day conversation heart decorated cookies

Do you know what I love most about this whole cookie WORLD we've built? I mean...besides EVERYTHING?! Actually...everything kind of sums it up. But if I HAD to say something besides everything, like if for some inexplicable reason, the future of our world as we know it depended upon me picking something else besides everything... I could do that for you. I would sacrifice like that because the future of our world is something that I'm actually quite fond of and would really love to see it stick around.

My point is...(Are you guys even aware of how incredibly distracting you are?! Always going off on some crazy tangent like the world depends upon it...) my second favorite thing about this cookie world is how there are so so so so so many ways you can go...and still find yourself at the same destination.

Here's a little example. Last week, I decided I wanted to make some color formulas for Valentine conversation heart cookies. I went to the store and justified purchasing more candy than absolutely know...for science. And after I got home, I was chatting with my friend Callye from over at Sweet Sugarbelle and she showed me a picture of something in her cookie room...and just off to the side of the photo...I could see a line of conversation heart candies.

Conversation Heart decorated sugar cookies - Valentine's Day color palette

And you may not know this, but Callye doesn't have candy liner-uppers at her house. Those candies were there next to her camera FOR A REASON. And I know what you are thinking...but actually NO... her camera does NOT run on sugar. We were BOTH planning to do a post with color formulas for Valentine conversation heart candy colors!!

And for a solid seven seconds I considered giving up my plans and going and living among the colorless. But then I realized that "the colorless" isn't really a thing. So I wouldn't actually have a home. And I really like having a home.

Also, I realized that it would be cool to show how (ONCE AGAIN) you can arrive at the same destination from different directions. I made color formulas for Valentine conversation heart candy colors for you from not just ONE...but THREE different brands of food coloring!!!

Chefmaster color formulas for conversation heart candy colors
Make Valentine conversation heart colors using Chefmaster brand food color gel.

Creative Cookier food coloring color formulas for making conversation heart icing colors
You can also make Valentine's Day conversation heart candy colors with Creative Cookier brand food color gel!

The Cookie Countess food coloring color formulas for making icing in the same colors as conversation heart candies
And last, but not least, you can make conversation heart colors with The Cookie Countess brand food color gel!!

And you can see how Callye made the exact same colors with completely different formulas HERE!!

Conversation heart decorated sugar cookies


Get the colors: Chefmaster, Creative Cookier, or The Cookie Countess.

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