Happy Heart Cookies for Valentine's Day

Make decorated happy heart cookies for Valentine's Day ~tutorial

I'm not very patient. There's just always so much to be doing, it's hard to wait for anything. Like...my children choosing their breakfast cereal. They have to touch every single box, twist it from front to back, maybe open it up to see exactly how much is left inside, rub their faces against it, smell it...and then 10 years later, they will finally settle on the exact same cereal they eat every. single. morning. Every day I'm determined to wait them out. To just stand there watching them with love and peace in my heart and just enjoy observing their little minds work. And every day I make it exactly 7 seconds before my heart starts twitching and I'm staring at the ceiling trying to will a decision out of them.

I feel that way about the seasons too. I wish they could cycle through at twice the speed. Because I *LOVE* change. And I actually love every season...just not the entire time they are here. Like... winter... I LOVE when it comes around!! The soft, gorgeous snow and the crisp temperatures....it's like living in a dream. But now I've shoveled enough snow to feed China (you know...if snow was a viable nutritional option.) and even the air looks gray and muddy. I actually shoveled my back yard yesterday with my girls. I just needed to see the ground. I needed to pretend like spring would actually come. As it turns out... shoveling snow from your backyard just creates even more gianter mounds of snow around the edges and it does NOT, in fact, make spring come.

Also...these cookies. How am I supposed to wait to show these to you? I mean... writing a blog post? Bleh. This is taking forever. I just want you to see them right now. It's a good thing I'm the boss of my own blog because I am done talking.

Just kidding. Because I also want to tell you that today is the day I get to snag a design from my cousin's paper crafting blog and turn it into cookies. I chose this fun heart card.

Make decorated happy heart cookies for Valentine's Day ~tutorial

1. Thin down some black icing. A lot. Like a 5 count icing. Use a wide food grade brush to paint some on the right and bottom portion of the cookie. Let it dry for about 15 minutes.
2. Using medium consistency red icing and a #3 tip, pipe a mouth and outline the heart.
3. Immediately fill in the space in between with the same icing. Let it dry for at least another 30 minutes.
4. Add two dots of white icing for eyes and two more dots of black icing on top.
5. Use medium consistency pink icing and a #2 tip to pipe little cheeks and a tiny heart for a tongue. 

And because I want you to see just how crazy easy these cookies are to make....here they are in video form.

Make decorated happy heart cookies for Valentine's Day ~tutorial


Grab the cutters --  Happy Heart, Wide Heart, Stamp.
Get the tutorial for the cupcakes HERE
See what cookies my cousin made into a card HERE


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