Decorated Woodland Deer Cookies Tutorial

How To Make Decorated Woodland Deer Sugar Cookies

I'm kind of loving this whole "woodland" thing going on right now. I mean... I get to use colors with great contrast, and do no end of internet research on "the cutest little animals that ever existed." Seriously...I lost hours of my life with that one google search. (Don't say I didn't warn you!) I mean... who KNITS a sweater for a tiny mouse... and how in the world did you get that on him?! And some people may argue WHY in the world... but I'm not a judger. And the little tiny monkey sucking his thumb? Stop me now - I'm getting sucked back in.

The point is - I love a good internet research project. And I was ready for this one. I pre-heated my electric blanket and spent 20 minutes squeezing real, actual lemons for the best lemonade that ever existed. (I do NOT take internet researching lightly. Artificial lemonade would have been an offense to its very soul.) I got my kids in bed and stacked up extra pillows on the couch that faces away from the disaster that also goes by the name of "my kitchen" and started my researching.

But someone needed a toast. And someone else forgot about his book report that was due the next morning that was supposed to be an accordion-type pamphlet made out of cardboard and hand crafted drawings of a book that he may or may not have even started reading. And someone had cold toes that needed "just a minute" under the electric blanket. And somehow I ended up in the corner of my disaster pouring myself a lemonade that tasted like peanut butter. Peanut butter. Of all things. How does that even happen?! WHO sees a pitcher of perfectly squozed (Squeezed? Squozen?) lemonade and thinks, " I know just what this needs -- PEANUT BUTTER." Someone at my house. That's who. I'm not sure which loss I mourned more -- my perfect lemonade or my internet researching oasis. But in the end these adorable little creatures came from it... so it couldn't be all bad, right? (Except the lemonade. That was 100% not okay.)

PS -- Have you guessed which cutter I made the deer from yet? IT'S A DOUBLE HEART!!!

How To Make Decorated Woodland Deer Sugar Cookies

1. Use a medium consistency cream icing with a #2 tip to outline and fill the face and tummy area. I find it easiest to start at the nose and pipe the face area first. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.
2. Add the body with medium consistency brown icing and a #3 tip. While the icing is still wet, add 3 dots to the back end of the deer. Let it dry for 15 minutes.
3. Add to upside down V shapes for ear and pipe some feet with black icing.
4. Pipe brown detail lines with thick brown icing and a #2 tip. Fill in the ears with cream icing. Pipe a small dot on the face for an eye and another on the front for the nose.
5. You could totally stop at step four...or you can soldier on and make it the cutest thing ever by painting pink food coloring on the cheeks and ears and then draw a tiny little eyebrow with a black food color marker.

How To Make Decorated Woodland Deer Sugar Cookies


The FOX tutorial is in MY BOOK. 
Inspiration for the little girl cookie came from THESE ADORABLE COOKIES by My Nana's Nibbles.  (She makes the best cookie faces ever!)


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