How to Make Decorated Egg, Toast, and Bacon Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make cute and adorable egg, toast, and bacon decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's Day with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  

Valentine's Day toast, egg, and bacon decorated sugar cookies

Did you know that I used to live in Georgia? It's true. My husband and I moved there for a few months right after we got married. I could really go for some of that whole "still warm in the winter" thing that they've got going on over there right now. And of all the crazy memories I have of that state, there are three that are permanently etched into my brain whenever I think about Georgia.

1. There is this plant called "Kudzu" (I did NOT make up that name. I promise.) that grows all over EVERYTHING like some kind of science fiction man-eating plant of death and distruction. It's both disturbing and beautiful all at the same time. And even though I sometimes still have nightmares about it...I miss it as well.

2. There is a Mexican restaurant on Flat Rock Road that makes vegetarian Chile Rellenos that are literally just a pepper filled with cheese. That's A LOT of cheese. And I love cheese. But like the was both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Also... in the spirit of transparency... I may have ordered that more than once.

3. And this one is actually something that still grips me to this day. When I lived in Georgia, there was a radio commercial where someone sang only one line -- "Lunch is over....dinner is so very far away." The haunting melody....the shockingly accurate emotional was like art and marketing all at once. It's basically my life theme song. Find me at CookieCon. I'll sing it for you.

Cute and easy Valentine's Day decorated sugar cookies - toast, egg, and bacon!

Basically what I'm saying is... there's really only one option when I start planning Valentine's Day cookies in that vast cavern of space and time between lunch and dinner. And that is -- Valentine's Day cookies that look like more food...except they weirdly also have arms.

Kawaii toast sugar cookie decorating tutorial

How to make kawaii style egg, toast, and bacon Valentine's Day decorated sugar cookies:

Step 1. 

Outline the cookie with a medium consistency brown icing and a #3 tip. Bring the outline down a little bit in the top center to look more like a piece of bread. Pipe another line of icing right next to the outline to make a thicker crust. Let dry for an hour.

Step 2. 

Fill in the center of the bread with a medium consistency white icing. Immediately add three dots of light blue icing to the top left corner of the toast. Let dry for 30 minutes.

Step 3. 

Pipe a square of butter with a medium consistency yellow icing. Let dry for at least 15 minutes.

Step 4.

Outline around the butter square with a thin consistency yellow icing and fill in next to the square. Pipe over the top of the square of butter and let it fall over the sides on its own. Add face and arm details with a thick consistency black icing and a #1.5 tip. Pipe tiny hearts for the cheeks with medium consistency pink icing and a #1.5 tip.

See how I made all the breakfast buddies in this video!!



Grab my tutorial for "YOU ARE THE GNOME-LY ONE FOR ME" Valentine cookies.


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