The Cookie Companion COLOR CHART CARDS!!!!!

An inside look at The Cookie Companion Color Chart Cards! Learn how to use color formulas to mix the EXACT color of icing that you want every time!!

Icing color formula charts for mixing the exact shade of icing that you want!

Remember that one time I wrote a book? Pretty much since the day that book came into existence, I have been trying to get the color charts made into a LAMINATED format. And it finally happened! Let me introduce you to The Cookie Companion Color Chart CARDS!!

Icing color formula charts for mixing exactly the color of icing or frosting that you want

16 double-sided cards full of gorgeous colors, palettes and the FORMULAS you need to accurately create and re-create your favorite colors over and over again. They are the same color charts from the book that you already know and love. They've made it through their awkward teenage year and emerged as sturdy 4X6" cards that are also waterproof. You know, so you can wash them when you've smudged them all up with food coloring! (What?! You would never do that, right?)

Let me walk you through the process. First, you've got to narrow down all these color choices. I've chosen Purple 13C. All 3 of the purples on the Purple 13 row have the same color formulas to the side -- 3 parts electric pink and 1 part electric blue.

So I grab my icing and put in 3 drops of electric pink and 1 drop of electric blue. Simple so far, right?

Icing color chart - how to make lavendar icing or frosting

I mix it together and refer back to my chart. I can see that MY purple is somewhere between Purple 13B and Purple 13C. Since I want it to be Purple 13C, I'm going to add a little more white icing to make it more pale again. If I wanted it to be the darkest shade (Purple 13A) I would continue to add food coloring in the same ratio (3 parts electric pink and 1 part electric blue) until it was as saturated as I wanted it to be.

Oh, and have I mentioned that these cards are LAMINATED? And that you can WASH THEM?! Go ahead and lay that icing right down there on the card. It will wipe right off later!

And my very favorite part of all -- these cards were designed to fit in the Sugarbelle Tin!! Keep all your good stuffs together in one place!! I'm in LOVE!!!

You can get them from THE FLOUR BOX BAKERY or at SHEER CELEBRATIONS!!  If you live outside the US,  HOW SWEET IS THAT? ships internationally and MISS BISCUIT in Australia has them as well!

And if you still need the book -- you can get that on AMAZON as well!

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