How To Make Decorated Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like snowflakes!!

Fun and happy Christmas sugar cookies

You know how people are always saying "Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry?" Apparently, that also applies to going to the pharmacy when you are sick.

I had a recent brush with the plague. And by "recent" I mean... the last 5 weeks of my life. Three days in, I was pretty sure that I had the flu and a cold and maybe chicken pox and I was also fairly certain that my arms were starting to fall off. I mean... I'm not a medical expert...but you can't be too sure these days.

After a couple of weeks of feeling better and then worse again, I took myself to the pharmacy on one of my "I probably won't cry myself to sleep at 2pm today" days. I came home with 3 different kinds of flu medicine, cold medicine, cough medicine, an extra large bottle of ibuprofen, a new case for my contacts, 2 boxes of candy (why is candy always in boxes at the pharmacy?!) and something for allergies... you know...just in case someone in my house develops allergies at some point before the expiration date. And I only stopped because my arms started feeling all fally-offy again. And also because I kind of *did* want to cry myself to sleep at 2pm after all.

Simple and elegant snowflake sugar cookies in red, white, and green

Luckily for you...all that time lying on the couch meant that I ACTUALLY edited the video for these snowflakes instead of pretending that as some point in the distant future I would return to my poorly lit cellphone video and turn it into a tutorial. least there's that. Well...there is also still 3 different boxes of flu medicine and some allergy stuff if you ever need to borrow some.

Sugar cookie snowflake tutorial

How to Make Decorated Snowflake Cookies

Step 1. 

Find the center of the snowflake...umm...arm. (I promise I am NOT obsessed with arms...even though it would seem like it after reading this post.) Using medium consistency icing, pipe a teardrop shape to fit the center notch. Pipe a smaller teardrop shape inside and then immediately fill with icing. Repeat all the way around the snowflake.

Step 2.

Pipe more teardrop shapes on either side of the first set.

Step 3.

Connect opposite teardrop groups with a line of royal icing.

Step 4. 

Pipe another set of teardrops in each of the open spaces created from the lines in Step 3.

snowflake sugar cookie

Step 5.

With a #1.5 tip, pipe yet another teardrop on top of each teardrop. Add a sugar pearl to the center of the snowflake.

And as promised...actual video! Yeay! This is definitely one of those cookies that's just easier to understand with video!



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