How to Make the Most Perfect Bow Cookies Ever -- GUEST POST (Delorse Sword)

If any of you have met me in person, you know I'm not a stranger to peer pressure. As in... I pressure people to do things all the time. It's shameful. And I should stop. Except that peer pressure totally works. And usually I only peer pressure people into doing things that deep down, they just really want to do anyway. And then everyone is happy because I'm happy. Or...something like that.

Sword's Sugars AMAZING jungle baby cookies

Basically, that's how I met Delorse. She makes amazing cookies. AMAZING cookies. But she didn't have a Facebook page. So I relentlessly pressured her into making one until she gave in just so I would stop bugging her every single day of her life. And really, you should all be thanking me because I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but that girl is AMAZING. You've probably seen her gorgeous bow cookies everywhere. I'm obsessed with her bow-style!! Like, I want to squish my computer every time I see a new cookie.

Decorated sugar cookie bow tutorial

As it turns out, she didn't hate me for pressuring her into making a Facebook page. (Sword's Sugars) In fact, she even let me pressure her again into doing a TUTORIAL FOR THOSE AMAZING BOWS!!! That's right!! You've hit the blog-reading-jackpot today because she is HERE. On MY BLOG sharing her method for those fantastic bows you are all coveting the skill to make!! Are you ready?!


Oh.My.Bows!! I’m a little obsessed with cookie-ing bows these days and I want to add them to every single order. Even when it totally doesn’t fit with my theme, I secretly want to just add one here or there anyway. And can we just pause for a second and think about how.many.bow.cutters are showing up lately in cutter land? I need (ok, want) them all. I just do. I’m so happy Georganne asked me to share my technique (obsession) with you so I’m not alone in my quest! :)

A couple of years of when I was just starting out in my cookie journey, I watched a bow tutorial that Allison of Ali Bee’s Bake Shop had posted on her blog and tucked it away in a how-to folder I keep in my head. Fast forward to a few months ago when I purchased a couple of cutters from SweetLeigh Printed. The day they landed on my doorstep is the day I lost my ever-loving mind over bows! And how great is it that so many cutters are now shaped like a bow or that have a bow notched out on the design?! All the guess work on how to create a perfect bow is taken care of for you. Don’t believe me? Come on, I’ll show you how easy it is to decorate a perfect bow in just a few short steps.

Decorated sugar cookie bow tutorial
1. I like to start with a white flooded base for a lot of my cookies, and especially so for bows. I like how it makes them pop, but you could certainly skip this step and start out on a naked cookie.

2. Use a thick flood consistency icing to outline the outside loops of the bow. You can also use piping consistency for outlining, but if you don't have it, the thick flood consistency works just fine. I typically use a size 1 tip to do my outlining.

3. Wait a few seconds for the icing to set and then outline the inner loops the bow on both sides.

4. Use thick flood icing to fill in the bottom portion of the loops. Circle up and over the outside portion of your outline to create a seamless loop.

Decorated sugar cookie bow tutorial
5. Outline the tails on both sides and then fill.

6. Once all sections of the bow are filled in, put your cookie in front of a fan for about 10-15 minutes. If you are worried about craters or dents, you can dry in sections if you prefer. But, if you are using thick flood consistency, you can usually get to this spot before setting the cookie aside to dry.

7. Using either flood or piping consistency, outline the inner loop on each side starting in the middle and ending back at the middle. Add detail lines to the rest of the bow if you like, however you like. If I find that my icing is going to sink in spots, I try and add detail lines in those spots to cover them.

8. Create the middle of the bow by piping a dot of icing to cover all the intersecting sections or pipe a small dot and add a flower or a circle/square icing transfer.

Decorated sugar cookie bow tutorial

Awww! What a cute bow!!! See – easy peasy!! 


Thank you SO MUCH Delorse! I'm seriously in love with these bows and I cannot wait to start putting them on everything now!!! Go visit Delorse at her Facebook page -- Sword's Sugars to say thanks or share the bow cookies you make!!

And FANTASTIC NEWS --- You can now get a bow cutter designed by Delorse herself! FIND IT HERE.

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