How to Make Simple LDS Sister Missionary Decorated Cookies

Cookie decorating tutorial - Sister Missionary cookies

Oh goodness. I made the mistake of going outside today. 

I just opened the door and walked outside like I lived on some kind of hospitable planet. I didn't have ANY of the right equipment. I made it a good 2 1/2 seconds before I realized my colossal error in not wearing appropriate climate protection on my feet to combat the ever-loving heat rays of death coming straight from the sun. (Like I couldn't have taken the millisecond necessary to reach my foot that extra inch for some flip-flops??!) I actually wouldn't be surprised if I'm shorter tomorrow. I think I melted a little bit.

I think there must be some kind of quantum age-temperature inverse correlation thing going on though because my kids spent all AFTERNOON outside...NOT in the shade...and they didn't melt at all. I mean, there was giggling and running and actual the exact same moment I was making my treacherous journey from the door to the garbage can. It's a confusing world we live in friends.

There's no need to complicate it further. I always hate posting simple cookies, because I feel like they aren't worth a post. (That sounds so judgemental. I promise I'm not a cookie jerk.) But I've decided to just start posting them anyway. I'm going to give them the love they deserve. Starting with these LDS Sister Missionary bust cookies. Any cookie that can be made in only 3 steps is a winner in my book.

Cookie decorating tutorial -- LDS Sister Missionary cookies

1. Outline and fill the bottom portion of the cookie, leaving a giant gaping V-shape open. Let it dry for 15 minutes if you're using a bright color. If not...go right ahead and add the white icing.

2. Fill in the V-shape with white icing. Add a tiny little black square name tag on the right. Use a toothpick or scriber to straighten up any sides that might be wonky. (What?! You don't get wonky sides when piping tiny squares?! I bet you like being outside in the hot summer sun, too.)

3. Use a rose tip -- like a #103 -- and thick icing to make ruffles where the cardigan and shirt meet. Easy peasy. The end.

See it in action.


Grab the cutters --  CARDIGAN or the GIRL.

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