How To Make Decorated Gingerbread Man Cookies

Learn to make decorated gingerbread men in this cookie decorating tutorial!

Easy gingerbread man cookies for Christmas

I'm hesitant to declare anything ironic ever since Alanis put one hand in her pocket...but there is a good chance that this one fits. I wanted to give you guys a suuuuuuper quick and easy design to ease your late-night stress and last minute orders. So I baked up these gingerbread guys late at night along with another order I was making. And in my late-night-early-morning-who-even-knows-at-that-point-of-the-day haze... I weirdly iced them all white.

Easy gingerbread man cookies for Christmas cookie decorating!

After sleeping off my decorating hangover for a few hours, I ate some actual food that wasn't made of sugar and food coloring and realized my mistake. No big deal though, right? I had some leftover dough... I'll just bake a few more. Which I did. And then weirdly decorated every last one of them...not leaving a single blank cookie for a tutorial. But I was determined to make a tutorial for you. Because they are totally adorable. So I made a new batch of dough...vanilla this time...but weirdly doubled the baking powder and forgot the eggs. Turns out -- that does NOT make for good cookies. At that point, I admitted defeat and gave up for a few days and tried to actually sleep. I came back a week later and FINALLY made you a tutorial for what I consider to be... ironically (RIGHT!?)... the easiest gingerbread men cookies ever.

They are so easy that there are only two steps. So I skipped straight to a video for you.


Grab the cutters:  Gingerbread Man, Candy Canes, Candy Canes with Bows, Holly Leaves, Snowflakes, and JOY Letters.

Grab the supplies: Black Sugar PearlsBlue Sugar Pearls, Red Sugar Pearls and Holly Sprinkle Mix and a Sugarbelle Black Food Color Marker.

See how to make the EASIEST CANDY CANES EVER.

Get my tutorial for the CANDY CANE WITH BOW.

Learn how to make the HOLLY LEAF COOKIES with Sweet Sugarbelle.


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