How To Make Candy Cane Cookies - THE EASY WAY!!!

Learn how to make some easy and clean candy cane decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!! 

Candy cane, Christmas tree, and Santa decorated chocolate sugar cookies

I got a babysitter a few nights ago. I just put my coat on and walked out the door. I wasn't carrying 900 bags "just in case." I didn't have to buckle 3 children, myself, and then the baby again because she's mysteriously figured out how to unbuckle herself. I talked to actual people. I ate cheese that I didn't know how to pronounce and no one wiped their fingers on my shirt. It was like living a whole other life.

Except that I'm actually not that good at talking to real people. I get my words all mixed up and I end up saying things like, "Of course I can make you cookies for your Christmas party. It's no big deal! I'll just squeeze you in." Apparently this alternate life I'm leading doesn't involve laundry because Other-Me clearly has all the time in the world for just squeezing people in. be fair...if I made more cookies like these... I would have a lot more time on my hands too! Not only are they super quick to make... I got to use my cousin Pam's card as inspiration! That's right! It's the second Thursday of the month... the day where I snag a design from my cousin's paper crafting blog to use as inspiration for some cookies and she grabs a cookie design to inspire her paper crafting!

Easy and simple candy cane sugar cookie decorating tutorial with step by step directions

1. Outline and fill the entire candy cane cookie with medium consistency red icing. Let it dry overnight.
2. Pipe a white outline with medium consistency white icing and a #2.5 tip.
3. Immediately fill in white stripes.

4. Just kidding. There are only 3 steps. This cookie couldn't be easier!!

Candy cane, Santa, and Christmas tree chocolate decorated sugar cookies


Grab the cutters: CANDY CANE or TREE.

Check out which cookie my cousin made into a card HERE.

Learn how to make ACTUALLY red icing HERE


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