How to Make Decorated Centerpiece Cookies and a STENCIBELLE Stencils Giveaway!!!

How to make decorated lemonade sugar cookies -- tutorial

I love clever. Like, even if it's WAY past bedtime and I just want my kids to finish putting their pajamas on and stop jumping around the house like dinosaurs (Because for some reason they are convinced that dinosaurs jumped?! What kind of school are they even going to?!) and brush their teeth FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD and just go to bed before I lose my ever loving mind...if they get all clever and start reasoning through the pros and cons of a late night snack...I'll totally give in. Every time.

I like when people use their brains. And even more, I love when that use of said brain results in a brilliant surprise. Like the Stencibelle stencils.

When I first saw the STENCIBELLE line of stencils, I knew the world of stencils had changed forever. Have you guys seen her EDGE STENCILS??!! I seriously cannot wrap my brain around how clever these are. And I simply could not pick a favorite. They just make so much sense! Like this grass and clouds stencil or seaweed and waves! It completely changes the way I think about stencils...and I LOVE THAT!!! So when Belle offered to send me some stencils, you know I jumped on that chance!

She also has a bunch of great "normal" stencils too! And even better...she is CONSTANTLY using them in surprising ways. If you don't follow STENCIBELLE ON should!! Her videos will change the way you look at the stencils you already own! I totally fell in love with her stencils on this set and I'm already thinking about ways I can use them again! Because even though I'm madly in love with this pink lemonade set...I feel like I haven't even touched the surface of what these stencils are capable of! Want to see how I used the eyelet lace edge stencil to make these fun plaque cookies?

How to make decorated pink lemonade sugar cookies -- tutorial

1. Before you bake the dough, use a scalloped round cutter to create an impression. Then bake as you normally do.
2. Outline and fill both of the side spaces. Let the icing dry for 4 hours.
3. Place the eyelet lace edge stencil near the middle of the cookie and airbrush the top of both sides. Rotate the stencil 180 degrees and airbrush the bottom of both sides.
4. Grab some medium consistency white icing and a #3 tip and pipe along the scalloped impression. Fill in the center of the cookie with the same icing. Let it dry for another 4 hours.
5. Use medium consistency yellow icing and a #2 tip to outline around the scallop one more time. After 3-4 scallops, go back and make them thicker. If you wait until you've outlined the whole scalloped round, the icing won't smooth out.
6. Grab a black food color marker and draw a dotted line just inside the yellow icing. Add your message with thick icing and a #1 tip. SO many possibilities with this design! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

See it all in action here.

And on top of being clever...Belle is also super generous! She is giving away a $50 USD gift certificate to her STENCIBELLE stencil shop so YOU can fall in love with her stencils like I have!

Open worldwide. Just click that Easy Entry button below before midnight on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

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