How to Make Easy Citrus Slice Decorated Cookies

How to make citrus slice decorated cookies the quick and easy way!

I forget lots of things. Like the carton of eggs in the grocery bag I left at the bottom of the stairs all day because I thought there were only pretzels in the bag.

Or the load of laundry I put in the washer 3 days ago. (Except now, I'm just pretending that I forgot about it because actually, I'm a little afraid that the laundry monsters are growing in my forgotten laundry. And as soon as I open the lid they are going to jump out and eat me. And my ice cream.) 

One time last year, I forgot that my children didn't have school on a Friday. And totally got them up and ready and half way there before my neighbor mentioned that maybe we didn't need to do that.

I forget to change my shirt after baking and before running to the grocery store.

I forget where I've parked my car. Or that I didn't even drive in the first place.

I've even forgotten about 2 dozen hand-cut baked cookies that needed decorating...for AN ENTIRE YEAR.

But I did NOT forget that I was going to show you how I made these citrus slice cookies. I just had to find the video. And I knew it would take at least 7 minutes of searching through my video file...and...well... you know, ice cream. I get distracted. Anyway, I finally found it. AND edited it. All in one day. I'm basically going to be a contender at the next Cookie Olympics now that I'm all productive and stuff.


Grab the CUTTER and the STENCIL.


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