How to Make Decorated Lemonade Pitcher Cookies

Decorated lemonade pitcher sugar cookies tutorial!

People keep asking me if I'm ready for my kids to go back to school yet. My answer is always, "Oh my gosh! Please stop talking about school like it's actually going to happen again!!" I absolutely LOVE having my kids home for the summer! The chaos...meh...I could do without that. But I love the FREEDOM of planning every second of our day, or really, not planning every second of our day.

Look, I'm not saying my daughter never takes all of her clothes off, including her diaper, and then finger paints herself with mayo on the carpet.

And it's not like my son learned how to start fires with a magnifying glass and got sent home from summer camp for starting horse...ummm...poo... on fire.

And to be honest, the day my girls decided to start a salon and ended up painting the couch with finger nail polish and lotion wasn't my best day.

Or the day my child asked me why my butt looks all "weirdy" -- also not my best day.

But every other day and hour in between...I'm in love. Summer is just my season, you know? I love the long lazy hours and a sun that never seems to go away. I can't get enough of the quiet morning hours and the way my kids putter around the house trying to avoid every possible item on their checklist. But my very favorite is the wonderful contrast of hot sun and cold swimming. With cold lemonade!

Decorated lemonade pitcher sugar cookies tutorial!

I've decided that everyone really should be making these lemonade pitcher cookies. You know, in celebration of the best season that ever existed. And also maybe as a goodbye celebration for my poor couch.

Decorated lemonade pitcher sugar cookies tutorial!

1. The key to near-perfection with these cookies is tracing a circle cutter for the bulgy part of the lemonade pitcher. Use a food color marker or a scriber to trace around the cutter.
2. Starting at the narrow part of the pitcher, pipe a very narrow oval across the top of the circle with yellow icing.. Do NOT go all the way to the top of the circle. It needs to look a little flat. I'm awful at explaining. Maybe just look at the picture. Let the icing dry for 15 minutes.
3. Outline around the bottom part of the circle and fill in the bottom of the pitcher with the medium consistency yellow icing. Let the icing dry for another 15 minutes.
4. Use a medium consistency light blue icing to pipe the top of the pitcher. I use a scriber to drag the icing down around the the lemonade part of the pitcher. Add a base to the pitcher with the same icing. Let dry for 15 minutes.
5. Add a handle to the pitcher and the very top, back edge to the pitcher with the light blue icing. Grab some medium consistency white icing and a #3 tip to add a wavy shine line along the edge of the pitcher. Just follow the curves on the edge to make it look right.

See it in action. 



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