Summer Sandwiches for a Summer Picnic Party

I'm a super good rememberer. I remember *exactly* when my husband said he would be home. And how many bites of dinner my 6 year old needs to eat before he can have a treat. I remember which store has watermelon on sale (Did you know that one watermelon costs $20 in South Korea?) and the quickest way to get to that store. I remember all of the multiplication tables up to 12 times 12 and I can tell you the alphabet backwards. I remember every address I have ever lived at and the colors of the flowers outside those buildings.

I do, however, have a hard time remembering what a dryer is for or where I keep the cleaning supplies. I often forget that night time is for sleeping and that my children wake up before dawn. I can't tell you what shirt I wore yesterday and I don't know everything that I put into that concoction I called dinner tonight. I have forgotten to look for a pink piggy bank for my daughter the last SEVEN times I went to the store. And I can't remember the last time I ate frozen pizza.

But I do remember being 5 years old. And lying in the back of a wooden wagon and watching the sky peek out from behind the dark green leaves as we passed from tree to tree on the way to the park. I remember the way the smooth yellow vinyl picnic bag felt under my legs as it got warmer and slightly stickier. I remember the dull rolling sound of the wheels on the pavement and the clatter of the old wagon as it bumped between each seam in the sidewalk. I remember that my mother pulled me, and my brother and our lunch all the way to the park. And she unpacked all the sandwiches she had spent all morning getting ready. And we ate 2 bites and played for 3 days. Actually, that last part is a little hazy in my memory. I probably fell asleep after that long ride to the park.

If you wanted to make some sandwich cookies for your very own picnic party, you could do that.

1. Start with a flip-flop shaped cookie. Outline the bottom part of the bun and the top. It doesn't have to be too perfect. You can let it dry or just move right into the next step.
2. With a 15-20 count icing, fill in the bun parts. The thicker the icing, the poofier your bread will be. Let it dry for an hour or so.
3. Fill in the bread crust gaps with a lighter tan icing. Add some squiggly lines in brown for the meat. Let dry for 20 minutes or until it crusts over.
4. Pipe some half circle tomatoes with pink or red and let those dry for 20 minutes as well.
5. With green icing, pipe some swirly lettuce leaves in all the gaps. Let dry overnight. You can just stop here if you want and have a delicious picnic sandwich.
6. Or you can add some shading on the edges and in the crevices to give it a more realistic look. (For more information on making your cookie look vintage... CLICK HERE.)

Grab the cutters: Sandwich, Lemonade Pitcher, Watermelon, and Mason Jar Bouquet. I used THIS PLAQUE cutter, but ANY OF THESE would work well too! The picnic basket is an old gift cutter turned on it's side. 

But wait... that's not all. There is a whole giant SUMMER PICNIC PARTY happening today. All these crazy wonderful ladies are joining Haniela and Beth to celebrate summer. 


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