Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Decorated Bow Tie Cookies for a Little Man Baby Shower

Decorated Bow Tie Cookies for a Little Man Baby Shower
I cut down some trees this week. Three of them. Unless you want to count all the wild little trees growing all by themselves in my side-jungle....which some people might call a side yard. In that case, you could say that I cut down 67 trees this week. All by myself. With a CHAINSAW. You know what I'm talking about, right? It's got a little rope-pull thing with a handle on the end of it. It smells like you could light yourself on fire just by thinking about a sunny day and it's so loud that I can still hear it in my sleep 5 days later. Either that or my children are crying and I'm subconsciously turning their crying into a sound that I find more peaceful. It really could go either way on that one.

But the take-home point here today is that I found yet another activity I can justifiably accomplish while still wearing yoga pants. Although, to be completely honest, I was wearing yoga capris, because I was actually kind of worried that things would get out of hand and the slightly more relaxed nature of the full yoga pants would spell instant doom or maybe just chaos. I mean, yoga pants are for training to do cool stuff and sleeping and cookie decorating... but sometimes you just mean business, you know? And those are the times when you've just got to step up and put on those yoga capris and be all responsible and dependable and not at all a scary and reckless chainsaw wielder. Don't worry though... I put those pants right back on before I made these cookies. Cutting down 3 or 67 trees was plenty of time in my dependable pants.

I think that things just got weird. Let's stop talking about pants.

Decorated Bow Tie Cookies for a Little Man Baby Shower

1. These cookies are pretty much all wet-on-wet. So they're going to need a solid outline. Use a #2.5 tip and thick black icing to outline the bow tie. Let it dry for 20 minutes.
2. The next 3 steps happen all at once. Flood around the outside edges of the bow tie with light blue icing. Outline around where the darker blue will go and fill in the spaces in the middle.
3. Immediately grab your darker blue icing and fill in the holes, giving it definition. Don't forget the shadow lines in the middle of the bow tie as well.
4. And then quickly pipe some high lighted areas with white icing in the same flood consistency.

The key to this cookie is to make sure your outline in tall enough to hold all the icing you're putting inside it. If you fill in the whole bow with light blue and then try to put the dark blue on top... it's going to overflow. If you pipe the dark blue areas first and then the light blue areas... the blue shadow parts will lose their shape and definition. Unless you're a super good piper. Which I am not. Not even when I'm wearing my yoga capris.

Decorated Bow Tie Cookies for a Little Man Baby Shower


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday - Keep Dough From Sticking and Spreading

Today you get a TWO for ONE. And I'm not talking about shampoo. Not even the super fantastic smelling kind that makes me want to eat my own shower. (PS -- Why do they make soaps smell edible? It's the worst kind of trap. You're showering and smelling all these delicious aromas and all you can think about is how much you want to eat those strawberries and limes and coconuts and honey-oatmeal cookies. And then you weigh yourself before getting dressed and decide that you do NOT want to eat all those delectable dishes after all. It's horribly mean of those shampoo and body wash people if you ask me. Which is why today's tip is NOT about shampoo. It's about cookies. Obviously.

Quick Tip -- Keep cookie dough from sticking to the cutters or spreading in the oven.

Dip your cutters in flour before cutting out the cookies. The flour on the edge of the dough will keep the cookies from spreading in the oven. And the flour on the inside of the cutter will help the dough release from the cutter. You know... like all those alphabet cutters that drive you crazy trying to get the dough out, but you can't give up on them because the letters are just SO perfect. Now you can get them out. And they won't spread. You can basically live happily ever after now. You're welcome.


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to make Back To School Icing Colors

I wouldn't be showing you yet another back-to-school cookie post if it weren't for a good cause. Trust me. My son started on Wednesday and the excitement lasted until about 9:15 when I realized that *I* still have to live the same life I was living the day before. No new shoes for me. No fun packed lunch with candies to remind me how fantastic I am. And I certainly did not get to fill out the little booklet of all my favorite things. Instead, I had to go home and decorate cookies. And eat popcorn if I wanted to. And maybe have a dance party ALL DAY LONG... okay, it really wasn't that bad of a day. I just felt kind of guilty because of the whole dance party while he was in school thing. So I just tried to trick you into thinking it was an awful day. But now that I've owned up to it... I just feel kind of... awkward now.

My goodness you are distracting! My point, is that all of these school cookies are here for a reason. And that reason is to prevent me from filling your minds with Halloween cookie ideas before September. Because I love me some Halloween cookies. And I have some SUPER FUN ideas coming. So fun that you're just going to love them and you'll be thinking, "Aaaahhh! I just love these cookie ideas so much I could squish them!!" Only, you can't squish cookie ideas. Unless of course you've drawn them out or maybe embroidered them on a pillow or something. Then you could totally squish them. Because my Halloween ideas are squishable. At least, one of them is. But I'm not going to tell you which one. Because it's not even September yet, so you have to deal with one last school cookie post. Actually, I'm kind of done talking now. You can just look at the pictures.




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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Decorated Whiteboard Marker Cookies

Decorated Whiteboard Marker Cookies

Do you like scary movies? I hate them. And yet... I watch them. At night. When everyone else is asleep. And my husband is gone doing some very productive and not scary thing for someone who does not live next door. They don't even live in this neighborhood. He is completely out of range and not at all being foolish. And there is a very real - although entirely too slim to calculate - chance that I could get eaten.

And now there is a noise coming from my refrigerator that I've never heard before. I think it's trying to talk to me. AND I DON'T SPEAK FRIDGE!!! I don't want to be eaten! Especially not by the leftovers I should have thrown away days ago, but now can't bring myself to get rid of because that means actually opening the lid on that bacteria hive of death. I'll probably just have to buy a new fridge now. That is... if I last the night.

And I can't make cookies because I need more icing. And if I turn on the mixer, I won't be able to hear the shadow of scariness sneaking up on me. And if I don't hear it sneak up on me, how can I terrifying scream as a warning to my youthful neighbors and their partying acquaintances? Also... it might wake up my sleeping children. And they actually do need to sleep because there were some screams coming from this house today that had nothing to do with being eaten by bacteria hive of death leftovers. I think they had something to do with someone looking at someone else and not staying on their own side of the couch. It was really hard to be sure between the crying and the screaming and the CRAYON DRAWINGS ON THE COUCH. Apparently, they said, "Keep Out!" in some language I've never seen before that happens to look exactly like concentric circles.

Just because I can't make cookies doesn't mean you shouldn't though. Like these white board marker cookies. And if you give them to your children instead of real crayons or markers... you might be able to avoid the soul-crushing KEEP OUT sofa crayon drawings in your own house.

1. Cut out a square and then use that cutter to cut the square into 3 rectangles.
2. Use the same cutter to cut little squares off the top edge of each rectangle.

Sometimes I worry that I make things more complicated than they need to be. After making these, I realized that I could have just used the rectangle from step 1 and not cut out the little top square pieces to make the top of the marker in step 2.

PS- This diagram is not to scale. I used the same square cutter for each step.

Whiteboard Marker Cookies Tutorial
1. Use 17 count icing and a #3 tip to pipe that shape for the cap  up there. I think it has a name... but I can't remember it. Then pipe a swooping triangle for the back half. (Maybe not the actual name of that shape either.) Let it dry for 15 minutes.
2. Fill in the rest of the marker barrel with white icing. And give the top of the marker that little nudgy part that you so painstakingly cut out. Go ahead and cover that part of the picture with your hand. See? Totally not necessary.
3. Once the base layer has dried for a few hours, add the word "marker" with thick black icing and a #1.5 tip. I used a KK for the font, but if you let the base layer dry overnight first, you could just scrawl it on their with a food marker first and then pipe over the top. The best part -- it's *supposed* to look hastily handwritten!

Decorated Whiteboard Marker Cookies Tutorial


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