How to Make a Decorated Banner Heart Cookie

Decorated sugar cookies that look like hearts with banners
I'm basically a time traveling genius because I'm pretty sure I caught the Winter Plague this year. I'm normally the only person in the house that doesn't get sick. I'm a super hero of immunity. But I just can't kick it this time. It's sucking me down to the depths of sadness and umm...everything else that comes with feeling like badness inside. But early this morning as I was lying on the couch wondering just how much worse I would need to get before I could legitimately be admitted to the hospital...I discovered something.

The LilaLoa Collection for Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

I know what you are thinking -- and let me assure you that the world as you know it is NOT, in fact, ending. I know it seem like it with me posting on a Monday and all. I mean...I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning...much less form coherent thoughts using actual letters and punctuation. But this can't wait even one more day. I have another fantastic cookie cutter announcement!

The Cookie Companion -- COOKIE CUTTERS!!!!

I'm not sure if you know...but I'm super good at imagining things. Like if there were ninjas of imagination...I would be the Ra's al Ghul. Except maybe not the super-villain part. There is not a situation in the world that I couldn't imagine my way into or out of. Seriously...crazy sounds in the night are amateur hour compared to my imagination. But for all that, I would have never NEVER imagined that a day like this would come.

How to Make Decorated Sugar Cookies for New Year's Eve

NYE cookie decorating tutorial

What I want to know -- is how did eating popcorn while watching a movie become a "thing"? Don't get me wrong. The eating part I get. I mean, I love eating food. And I know it's totally taboo to admit, but sometimes eating is like the anti-toxin to all the loud children "bonding" that goes on at my house during the dark hours of winter. I'll save my dinner until after my kids go to bed and

How to Make Decorated Balloon Cookies with a Rattle Cutter

Decorated Sugar Cookies that look like party balloons for birthdays or New Year's Eve -- NYE

I tried to call in "sick" today. After 4 hours of sleep and shoveling nearly a foot of snow yesterday...I figured I had earned a few hours on the couch with my electric blanket. Although, if we're being completely honest that electric blanket is just the gateway drug that leads to an afternoon of Amazon shopping. But as it turns out,