Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Decorated Whiteboard Marker Cookies

Decorated Whiteboard Marker Cookies

Do you like scary movies? I hate them. And yet... I watch them. At night. When everyone else is asleep. And my husband is gone doing some very productive and not scary thing for someone who does not live next door. They don't even live in this neighborhood. He is completely out of range and not at all being foolish. And there is a very real - although entirely too slim to calculate - chance that I could get eaten.

And now there is a noise coming from my refrigerator that I've never heard before. I think it's trying to talk to me. AND I DON'T SPEAK FRIDGE!!! I don't want to be eaten! Especially not by the leftovers I should have thrown away days ago, but now can't bring myself to get rid of because that means actually opening the lid on that bacteria hive of death. I'll probably just have to buy a new fridge now. That is... if I last the night.

And I can't make cookies because I need more icing. And if I turn on the mixer, I won't be able to hear the shadow of scariness sneaking up on me. And if I don't hear it sneak up on me, how can I terrifying scream as a warning to my youthful neighbors and their partying acquaintances? Also... it might wake up my sleeping children. And they actually do need to sleep because there were some screams coming from this house today that had nothing to do with being eaten by bacteria hive of death leftovers. I think they had something to do with someone looking at someone else and not staying on their own side of the couch. It was really hard to be sure between the crying and the screaming and the CRAYON DRAWINGS ON THE COUCH. Apparently, they said, "Keep Out!" in some language I've never seen before that happens to look exactly like concentric circles.

Just because I can't make cookies doesn't mean you shouldn't though. Like these white board marker cookies. And if you give them to your children instead of real crayons or markers... you might be able to avoid the soul-crushing KEEP OUT sofa crayon drawings in your own house.

1. Cut out a square and then use that cutter to cut the square into 3 rectangles.
2. Use the same cutter to cut little squares off the top edge of each rectangle.

Sometimes I worry that I make things more complicated than they need to be. After making these, I realized that I could have just used the rectangle from step 1 and not cut out the little top square pieces to make the top of the marker in step 2.

PS- This diagram is not to scale. I used the same square cutter for each step.

Whiteboard Marker Cookies Tutorial
1. Use 17 count icing and a #3 tip to pipe that shape for the cap  up there. I think it has a name... but I can't remember it. Then pipe a swooping triangle for the back half. (Maybe not the actual name of that shape either.) Let it dry for 15 minutes.
2. Fill in the rest of the marker barrel with white icing. And give the top of the marker that little nudgy part that you so painstakingly cut out. Go ahead and cover that part of the picture with your hand. See? Totally not necessary.
3. Once the base layer has dried for a few hours, add the word "marker" with thick black icing and a #1.5 tip. I used a KK for the font, but if you let the base layer dry overnight first, you could just scrawl it on their with a food marker first and then pipe over the top. The best part -- it's *supposed* to look hastily handwritten!

Decorated Whiteboard Marker Cookies Tutorial


My favorite set of square cutters... but you could also get this much cheaper set.

Apple name card cookies.

Pencil cookies from a candle cutter.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Apple Name Cards for Back to School

Let's say that hypothetically... someone you know... not me, but someone else you know that you kind of like and don't hate altogether...has an old college teammate coming into town in less than 2 weeks. And everyone is getting together. And this friend of yours, that is not me, hasn't seen any of them in over 10 years. Hypothetically still, how would you advise her on her next course of action? Should she

1) Get an entirely new wardrobe? You know, one that says, "I'm super successful, stylish and fun. I bet you've missed hanging out with me and all my stylish-ness."

2) Run a hundred miles a day for the next 2 weeks? Because, you know, these are her sporty and fit college teammates. They've probably been running a hundred miles a day for the last 10 years. And 2 weeks ought to catch that friend of yours right up. I mean, maybe throw in a push-up or two for good measure.

3) Pay someone to fake articles mentioning that your hypothetical friend is now an incredibly talented actress training for the part of a cookie decorating mother in a very relevant upcoming movie that will probably earn her some kind of award? And make people cry. In the good kind of way. (Because OBVIOUSLY if you're going to imagine a friend, she'll decorate cookies. And what good is it to imagine a friend that makes people cry in a bad way? Don't be weird.)

Or maybe she could just bring cookies and then be friends with her teammates.  You could always point that friend of yours in this direction so she could make these apple cookies. Nothing says "LIKE ME" more than personalized cookies, right guys? Guys?

1. There are lots of different apple cutters in the world. Start with the biggest one you have. It will be easier to fit those names on it later. Use a ruler to draw to straight and parallel lines across the middle of the cookie. I like to use my white food marker for chocolate cookies, but you can do what you want.
2. Outline and fill the top and bottom portions of the apple. Let it dry for an hour or two so the color won't bleed into the middle.
3. Fill the middle section with cream icing. Immediately pipe a light blue dotted line across the middle with a #1 tip.  Let it dry for an hour.
4. Add green icing to make a leaf with a #3 tip. Add a stem with brown icing and a #3 tip. Then use thick black icing to pipe a student or teacher's name on the cookie.


This is the apple cutter I used.

Learn more about the white food color marker here.

Use this tip to keep your dotted line straight.

Funky crayon cookies.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robot and Gear Cookies

I cut my little girl's hair today. I'm a hair cutter like that. I just want to and then I do it. I have no regard for the future or the consequences of my desire to see someone with a new hair cut. I have no governor. I need a governor because sometimes (often) it doesn't quite work out like I imagine it will. And then it just devolves into a series of phone calls and a youtube haircutting marathon that ultimately end in tears and chocolate bars for all involved. Do they make governors for something like that? Maybe I can hire someone to save me from my own lack of foresight and reckless judgement. Is that something you'd have to pay full time for or do you think I could just go with getting someone on retainer? Because some days I actually make really good choices all by myself. At least I think I do. And I would be really sad to find out that cottage cheese and pretzels is *not* a healthy snack. (If it's not... don't tell me. Those are my "good decisions day" snacks.)

You should know though... all my gambling with my children's future and self image paid off today. There was success and not tears. Kind of like these robot cookies. I *may* have put off making them until the absolutely last second because I was maybe a teensy bit afraid that they wouldn't turn out and that I would end up in tears eating the proverbial** candy bar. But  here they are. And I love them. Maybe because I didn't think them up on my own.

They came from my cousin's brain. She makes the most creative paper projects over on her site Simply Pam's Creations. And once a month she lets me snag a design to make into cookies. And she makes some of my cookies into cards. And then I get totally jealous because her conception is always so much better than my own! I used a sunglasses cutter for the robot and I'll just show you how I made the gears --

1. Grab a flower or sun cutter. The more petals or rays the better.
2. Find a circle cutter that cuts off the tips of each petal or sun ray. Cut out the flower first and put it on the baking sheet. Then use the circle cutter to cut off the tips. (Be super gentle if you bake on a silpat.) This prevents warping when you transfer the cookie shape.
3. Bake. Avoid eating until decorated.
4. Use a #3 tip and 17 count icing to outline and mostly fill in the gear. Leave a roughly circle shape empty in the middle.
5. Put a #3 tip on the end of a piping bag holding 17 count white icing. Place the tip in the middle of your icing hold and start squeezing. If you hold the tip close to the cookie, the icing will pillow around it in a perfect circle. Let the cookie dry for a few hours.
6. Trace around smaller circle cutters with a food marker. (Or just be amazing and go for it!) Then pipe over the top of the circles with thick red icing.
7. Then connect those circles.
8. You can leave it like that or you can make a bunch of dots all around the edge of the outer circle to create a cog-like appearance.

** Not actually proverbial. It's real. And comes in 3 flavors. And I keep them hidden in my vegetable drawer in the fridge. Feel free to make yourself a "salad" the next time you come over.


Go visit my cousin's blog to see what cookies she made into a card.

This is my absolute favorite set of cutters. I use them in almost every set of cookies I make. One of these will be perfect for any flower cutter you own.

Check out all of Sugarbelle's Creative Robot Cookies HERE.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Decorated Crayon Cookies for Back-To-School

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial

Sometimes I have a problem going to bed. Okay, most nights I have a problem going to bed. I'll stay up for just hours and hours and I don't know why. It drives my husband insane. I don't really understand how it happens. It doesn't make sense. I *like* sleeping. And I'm actually really tired. I mean -- hello! I have an infant. I desperately need more sleep. I haven't truly slept through the night in...well... YEARS. I don't even know what that's like anymore. Do people really do that? Just go to bed at night and wake up to discover that morning came and they missed all those hours that you can count on one hand? Is that an actual possibility for the future? Clearly, being tired is not the reason I stay up late.

I think the real reason I can't go to bed is because I just don't want this day to end. Because another day just like this one is coming. I know it! And I'd way rather take up windsurfing than avoid folding laundry for another day.

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial

Or maybe it's because there is so much I planned to do with this day. And none of it happened. Except for the pillow slide races down the stairs. That happened. But the calm and ordered closets? Nope. The packages mailed? Not a chance! Maybe I just need to get things done. You know, things like online shopping and browsing Pinterest.

It is also quite possible that the reason I don't go to bed is simply because I'm just too lazy. And this couch is entirely too comfortable for my own good. Lazy would also explain why I didn't put away my candle cutter from yesterday and just decided to keep on using it again to day with these crayon cookies.

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial

1. If you didn't squish your candle cutter yesterday with the pencils, go ahead and give it a squish now. Then bake your cookies. And live your life for a while until you're good and ready to start decorating these little gems. These cookies aren't the boss of you.
2. Outline the outer edge of the cookie with thick black icing and a #2 tip.
3. Pipe one thin line and one fat line inside each end of the crayon. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
4. Fill in the middle 3 sections with a light blue icing. Let it dry for an hour-ish.
5. Fill in the outer sections with a dark blue icing. (Usually I make the darker icing first, and then add more white icing to make the lighter color. It's easier to go lighter than darker.) Add a black oval on the middle of the cookie. I usually get lazy (Surprise!!) and use the same piping icing for the oval, but it doesn't smooth out quite like I wish it would. So maybe you can kick the trend and set your own standard of not-lazy with this one and pipe your oval with a slightly thinner black icing.

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial


Once again, you can find the candle cutter HERE

Use the same cutter to make THESE PENCIL COOKIES.

Or squish a football cutter to make these COLORED PENCIL COOKIES.

Learn how to make these GLOBE COOKIES from Mike at Semi-Sweet.


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