Sweet Sugarbelle Cutters!!!!! (And a Lighthouse Cookie Tutorial)

Video cookie decorating tutorial for lighthouse sugar cookies!

Real talk here. I love decorating cookies. I love making that gorgeous chocolate dough. And I love eating it while pretending that it's for "quality control." I love the way my house smells while they are baking. I love feeling like a mad scientist when I mix up my colors. And the way the final detail makes an entire cookie suddenly RIGHT. But more than anything... I love the people that I meet because of decorating cookies. It's a big old world out there.

And one of my very first and dearest friends from the beginning of my days of cookie decorating who basically started this cookie decorating revolution has ONCE AGAIN blown that world wide open by starting an innovative, adorable, and incredibly functional line of cookie decorating tools and cutters. But I can't tell you who she is. Just kidding! You already know! It's Callye from Sweet Sugarbelle! Her products debuted earlier this spring for online purchasing. And just last week -- they arrived at Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores across America. YOU GUYS. THAT HAPPENED. I don't think I've ever gone to Michaels so much in my life as the last week. I kept hoping they would come in early. And then I've been back 3 more times since they put them out.

I *may* have been feeling a little spendy. But here's the thing -- these products are GENIUS. You can tell that they were created by an expert cookie decorator instead of some company just trying to come up with new products. Every cutter is perfectly designed to make the dough release easily while also being easy (and SUPER adorable!) to decorate.

If you don't know, the basic pack is the Shape Shifter set. It comes with a bunch of truly brilliant cutters. And a couple of edgers so you can trim any cutter you own. On top of that, it comes with instruction cards to make 40 different designs using those cutters with each cutter having more than one design. AND there are plastic templates so you don't have to guess where any of the lines go. Then all over the other 2 piece cutter packs are like an expansion on the Shape Shifter set. They have 2 cutters with templates AND 2 extra templates that match up with a cutter in the Shape Shifter set that fit the design them...and of course the instruction cards to go with them!!! I don't even have enough words to tell you how truly clever the Sweet Sugarbelle line of products is!!

And now you can just walk into a store and buy this brilliance. It's fantastic. I love this world! Oooh. Two things--

1. They aren't in ALL Michaels stores yet. Call ahead to your nearest store and ask to talk to the manager. Then ask if they have the Sweet Sugarbelle products. If they say "no" ask them if they will be getting them.
2. They might not be there for long!! Someone at my local store today said they are only going to be there through the middle of October. When I mentioned that many of the products are already sold out, she told me she thought they would only be getting one more shipment. So...maybe don't take too long to rush over there and get spendy. Especially since some of these cutters are ONLY available at Michaels and not at other online vendors.

Video cookie decorating tutorial for sugar cookie lighthouses!

Can you guess which cutters I used to make this nautical set? It's like I heard a voice...telling me the pencil needed to be made into a lighthouse. And who am I to argue with voices? Want to make some?

1. Turn the cutter upside down and use a black food color marker to trace the bottom curve on the cookie. Sketch the sides of the lighthouse for reference while piping.
2. Grab some medium consistency red icing and a #3 tip. Outline and fill the bottom stripe, following the same curve as the bottom of the cookie. Add the top stripe by following your sketched outline. Then add a little triangle at the top for the roof of the light tower. Let it dry for a couple of hours.
3. Fill in the space between the 2 red stripes with a medium consistency white icing. Add a little square for the light tower. Let the cookies dry for another 2-3 hours.
4. Use a black food color marker to draw the door and windows.
5. With a #3 tip and medium consistency blue icing, add the trim along the bottom of the lighthouse. Switch to a #1.5 tip and add the railing on the tower.

See it in action!

PS -- You didn't think I would get all spendy and forget about all of my sad friends that don't have a Michaels store near them, did you? I grabbed two extra sets of the scarecrow and sunflower cutters and I'm giving them away to you!! Just click that easy entry button below before midnight on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

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How to Make Easy Citrus Slice Decorated Cookies

How to make citrus slice decorated cookies the quick and easy way!

I forget lots of things. Like the carton of eggs in the grocery bag I left at the bottom of the stairs all day because I thought there were only pretzels in the bag.

Or the load of laundry I put in the washer 3 days ago. (Except now, I'm just pretending that I forgot about it because actually, I'm a little afraid that the laundry monsters are growing in my forgotten laundry. And as soon as I open the lid they are going to jump out and eat me. And my ice cream.) 

One time last year, I forgot that my children didn't have school on a Friday. And totally got them up and ready and half way there before my neighbor mentioned that maybe we didn't need to do that.

I forget to change my shirt after baking and before running to the grocery store.

I forget where I've parked my car. Or that I didn't even drive in the first place.

I've even forgotten about 2 dozen hand-cut baked cookies that needed decorating...for AN ENTIRE YEAR.

But I did NOT forget that I was going to show you how I made these citrus slice cookies. I just had to find the video. And I knew it would take at least 7 minutes of searching through my video file...and...well... you know, ice cream. I get distracted. Anyway, I finally found it. AND edited it. All in one day. I'm basically going to be a contender at the next Cookie Olympics now that I'm all productive and stuff.


Grab the CUTTER and the STENCIL.


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How to Make Decorated Scissors Cookies for Back To School

Learn how to make decorated sugar cookies for back to school!

I've learned a lot about myself since I started decorating cookies. For one thing, I am SUPER impatient. I mean...all this time, I just thought I was regular impatient. And then I met royal icing. And it told me all about it's "required dry time" and I was like, "I don't understand the words you are saying!" And royal icing was all, "DRY-ING TAH-IME." I just kind of stared at it and it just kind of stared at me. To be perfectly honest, it was an awkward way to begin a relationship. Then I bought my royal icing a dehydrator and never looked back.

Also...I'm a smidgeon obsessive-compulsive. Not in a good way where I clean everything up and keep it all neat and stacked and color-coded in alphabetical order.  But I have a certain way of doing things that might possibly be magic. Or good luck. Or the opposite of badness and despair. So even though I have no way of proving this magic-ness, I simply cannot deviate from my system.

And that includes opening the powdered sugar bag right side up. I know it doesn't make an ounce of difference, but I physically cannot force myself to open the powdered sugar if it is upside down. And I have to clear the top edge so I don't get a cloud of white death upon piercing the bag with my scissors. Sometimes, I'm not paying attention and I spend 2 minutes tapping the powdered sugar bag on the counter and clearing what I *think* is the top edge of the bag only to realize it is the bottom of the bag. And instead of just opening it up anyway, I have to turn it over and start again. Seriously though, what kind of person would open a powdered sugar bag UPSIDE DOWN?! No kind of person I want to be friends with. That's for sure. Unless you're super nice. And then we can totally be friends. But not the kind of friends that make royal icing together, because seriously...I have issues.

Learn how to decorate sugar cookies for back to school fun!

Luckily, my issues do *not* include using cutters in ways that they were not intended. Like these CHAMPAGNE GLASSES cutter from Semi Sweet. They are absolutely perfect for back-to-school scissors cookies!!!

Tutorial for quick and easy scissors decorated cookies for school!

1.  Pipe the top blade of the scissors with medium consistency gray icing and a #3 tip. Let it dry for 15 minutes, or until the icing surface is set.
2. Pipe the bottom blade of the scissors with the same icing. Use medium consistency pink icing and a #3 tip to pipe one handle and let everything dry again for 15 minutes.
3. Pipe the remaining handle with pink icing and pipe a dot for the thing that connects the two blades. Imma call it a "hinge pin" but you can call it whatever you want. Put a #1.5 tip on the gray icing and pipe detail lines on the two scissor blades.

See it in action.



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