How to Create Realistic Wood Grain Plank Cookies with a Stencil -- Cookie Box #4

Decorated Moss and Wood Bunny cookies for Easter

Spring is like that older, "cooler" kid in the neighborhood. Everyone wants him to like them...but nobody knows why because he's actually not very nice and he's always teasing everyone. And not in the good way where everyone ends up laughing and eating delicious home-baked desserts full of love and goodness that stick to your bones and make you feel like you could accomplish anything in the whole wide world because you are secure in the knowledge that someone loved you enough to give up an entire Netflix show to make that delightful afternoon treat for you.

How to Make PERFECT Pastel Icing -- EVERY TIME!!! and Easter Box #3

Cookie Decorating Tutorial -- perfect pastel icing!

You should know by now that I'm a huge fan of "Do what you want."  HUGE fan. Like, the kind of fan that hides outside of a disco club in the bushes with nothing but an egg salad sandwich and a 3 month old copy of "Weekly World News" until 3 in the morning just to pretend that I *accidentally* bumped into them as they are leaving so I could introduce myself and then spend the next 20 minutes gushing about how much alike we are only to have the police called to pry me away from said object of affection and adoration.

How to Choose (and Use) Gold Luster Dust -- Easter Cookie Box #2

Gold dipped Easter Egg cookies!

I didn't start out trying to cover my entire kitchen in gold spatters, sprays, and streaks. I certainly had no intention of binge purchasing every shiny dust I laid my eyes on. And I did NOT expect to fall in love with an FDA approved luster dust. (The Non-Toxic dusts? I *KNEW* they would be gorgeous!) I just wanted to make some gold "dipped" pastel Easter Eggs. Is that TOO MUCH to ask?

How To Make Decorated Bunny Bum Sugar Cookies -- Easter Cookie Box #1

Easy Easter craft ideas

There's this thing called CookieCon. It's basically the biggest cookie party that ever existed. And it's happening in just under 2 weeks. I have exactly eleventy-million things to do before it gets here. So I figured the best possible thing I could do would be scheduling another Cookie Decorating Trip to Tulsa for the week before CookieCon. So I basically have 172.6 things to accomplish every waking hour between now and CookieCon. As you can imagine, I have a pretty rigorous schedule to keep on top of everything --

How to Make Ornate Frame Decorated Cookies

Sugar cookie decorating -- tropical luau island cookies

There is something about seeing the sun again for the first time in ages that makes me look around my house and think, "Oh my gosh!! Do you even OWN a vacuum or Windex or ANYTHING AT ALL that is remotely related to cleaning and organizing you cavewoman??!!" And then I say to myself, "Gah! You know I do. I hid it under that mountain of laundry so I didn't feel guilty staring at it all the time."