How To Make Decorated Cactus Cookies - the Anti-Valentine

Valentine's Day cactus cookie tutorial

I've always known that I'm basically a 10 year old. I mean... I NAMED MY BLOG LILALOA. Have you heard this story? I was fairly well sleep deprived one very early morning after a night of not sleeping while traveling across the country because of some delayed and cancelled flights. I was expecting my first child and aimlessly considering possible names for a girl as I stared out the window. I liked names like Avalyn and Lilly and Layla and Lila and eventually my sleep deprivation turned each of the names into the sum of their sounds. I found myself saying things like "Lee-Lee-La-Loh-La". I somehow landed on the sounds of  "Lie-Luh-Low-Uh" and determined in my extremely rational 4am brain that those sounds would be the name of my first child if it was a girl. Luckily, it was a boy and he dodged that bullet. So I gave the name to my newly born blog instead.

How to Make Decorated Gnome Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day!

Gnome sugar cookies with a candle cutter for Valentine's Day

I started working on some New Year's Resolutions today. And by "working on them" I mean  "starting to make some." And by "resolutions" I mean "things I may or may not get around to in the next 2-12 months." You can be sure that doing things in a timely manner won't make the list this year. Want to know what does?

Gourmet Popcorn Book!!!!

Years of cookie decorating has made "dinner" a very flexible word at my house. Some days I can't find 10 minutes to check the mail, much less make a traditional dinner made painstakingly by hand and from scratch with ingredients I grew in my own backyard. And on those days, I certainly don't have time to let all the possible dinner choices percolate in my brain before carefully selecting the most healthy, appealing, and seasonally appropriate menu items so that I can maximize the nutrient value for my young children while also convincing them to eat said menu item in a polite and genteel manner. I do my best. I make weekly menu plans and buy the vegetables and everything. But on my busiest of days... the allure of stretching dinner time for another 20 or 30 minutes is just too much to resist.

How to Make Your Own Sprinkle Mixes!!

Between you and me... how many containers of sprinkles you do *really* own?

You don't have to say the number out loud...but don't forget to count that "other" box of sprinkles that nobody else knows about. You know...the one you hid in the back of the closet to make yourself feel better about the sprinkles in the box in the front of the closet. And even if we're finally giving those back-of-the-closet sprinkles the love they really's just not the same now that there are FANCY SPRINKLE MIXES on the market, right??!! But don't despair. I've got a fool-proof (ish) system so YOU can use up those "hidden" gems to make your very own fancy sprinkle mixes in just minutes. Or hours. It's actually harder to stop making mixes than I originally thought.

Top New Year's Eve Decorated Cookie Tutorials

The new year ALWAYS sneaks up on me. It's only a few days after the biggest cookie decorating holiday of the year. So I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite New Year's Eve cookie tutorials to save you some times this year!