How To Make Wet-On-Wet Watercolor Cookie Designs

Decorate Valentine's Day sugar cookies -- watercolor heart and rose cookies

Remember these? I made them just...ages ago. Just kidding. I posted them yesterday. Did you already forget? I'd be disappointed...but the whole "making Valentine's Day cookies until all hours of the day and night and day and night again" thing kind of gets you a free pass for the next 3 months in my book. These two cookies in particular were just something I've been playing around with for a little while. But since so many of you asked how I made that heart...I thought I would just show you really quick how I did it. And then ask you a favor. You know...because I'm all about "fairness" like that.

How to Make Decorated Watercolor Rose Sugar Cookies

Valentine's Day watercolor rose cookies

My son went on a field trip downtown today. I also had some things to do downtown today. In a random turn of events, I found myself driving behind his school bus. So naturally, I did what any mother would have done and drove the exact same speed as the bus...creeping up window by window until I found my son and his friends. Definitely NOT in a stalker-y way. In a fun, totally trendy and cool mom kind of way. Because you know...I'm awesome like that. And I'm *sure* my 10 year old that weirdly started hiding under his seat felt the exact same way as me. I mean... he probably was reading some graffiti on the back of the seat in front of him and it probably went all the way down so he kind of needed to duck down and maybe hide his head a little bit so he could read it all. You know...because it was probably like particle physics or something and he just really wants to get a jump on that before college. I'm so proud of him.

How To Make Rose Gold Icing and Airbrush Spray

Rose gold colored decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's Day - roses, lips, and hearts

Today is my birthday. I'm just putting it out there. Just letting you know. I am JUST SAYING that if there was ever a day where you were sitting on your couch thinking, "Self - today is just the kind of day that makes me feel like giving that LilaLoa girl a pony. And maybe sharing an afternoon of Netflix bingeing with her while sorting laundry and eating chocolate." THIS WOULD BE THAT DAY. Also... I'm 37 years old. You know, in case you were wondering.

How to Make the Best Decorated Rose Sugar Cookies

Decorated Rose sugar cookies

Tell me if I'm wrong, but I thought that at some point...children were supposed to SLEEP. Isn't there some kind of law of physics that says - What wakes up, must sleep at some point in their little life?!  People allllllllways tell new moms to "sleep when they sleep." But what happens if they DON'T EVER sleep? What then? I mean, besides the obvious zombie-like movements as I move through life putting my soda on top of the fridge, but not discovering it until weeks later and suddenly getting VERY nervous about where I put the scissors if the soda is in the scissors spot. And you guys... I can't even REACH the top of the fridge. Forget trying to wear clothing out of the house that *doesn't* have icing on it. Or remembering my own phone number when the new neighbor asks. (I PROMISE I'm not trying to avoid being friends!)

How To Make and Bake the Perfect Sugar Cookie (Best Sugar Cookie Recipes)

A cookie rookie's guide to making decorated sugar cookies!

The most important part of any decorated cookie is the COOKIE. If you are just starting out on your cookie decorating journey of joy and happiness -- START HERE. No amount of cookie decorating magic can save a bad tasting or over baked cookie. You will end up with a cookie decorating journey of sadness and tears in the closet while eating the last of the cookie dough ice cream and crying even more because your kids already picked out all the cookie dough bits so all you really have is tears and vanilla flavored iced milk that was once cookie dough ice cream. Let's not start your cookie decorating journey by crying in the closet. You'll want to save that for icing consistency.