Squatty Pumpkin Decorated Cookies With a Scallop Cutter

Not to brag or anything, but I'm REALLY good at starting things. I'm like a Starting Things Superstar. When I want to do something or something needs to get done... I just go for it. I say... why waste time? Push that start button on the microwave. Don't just stand there trying to decide if it needs 20 seconds or 37 seconds to warm up enough to not be a popsicle but not so much that it turns into molten lava in your mouth. Just press start. Your kids are going to need your desperate help finding their shoes before it's over anyway. And then you'll be under the bed wondering who gave them that battery operated hamster when you discover 7 years worth of laundry that never got washed which will remind you that you're actually out of laundry soap because you never remember to put it on the list...but you have a coupon...if only you could find it...and then it's 3 days later and you realized you never did get to eat that food in the microwave. So really...just push the start button and move on already. 

Also... work-out plans. I'm basically an expert at starting those. I start a new one pretty much every day of my life. I love the beginning of a work-out plan. It's so exciting. So much potential. You are basically invincible as you throw on your t-shirt and lace up your sneakers. I mean... you could CONQUER THE WORLD!

On an unrelated note... I'm not so good at the finishing of things. I'm an 85 percenter. I get nearly done with a project, I can see the end and I just *KNOW* it's going to be fantastic. But then... where's the challenge, right? I've already proved I could do it...I should probably just move on to something else.

Like these cookies. I made them months ago. Like...the beginning of September. And I told myself I would post them before Cookie Con. And then I thought maybe I would post them during CookieCon. (Ha! As if there was extra time for blogging during CookieCon!) But I promised myself I would for sure post them before Halloween. But then... I mean... they are pumpkins....they can wait for Thanksgiving, right? And then... as it turns out... Thanksgiving is TOMORROW. I'm all out of time!! So, let's make some pumpkins!

1. Use a scriber or toothpick to mark the center of the cookie. Outline and fill every other segment with a medium consistency icing. Let it dry for at least an hour.
2. Outline and fill the remaining segments. Let dry for 30 minutes.
3. With thick icing and a #5 tip add stem by squeezing icing into the middle and then pulling up as you release pressure. A #3 tip will work as well...just wiggle it in a circular motion as you squeeze and pull to make it wider.


Grab the scallop cutter HERE
See how to use a paw print cutter to make pumpkins HERE.
Make pumpkins using a flower cutter with The Bearfoot Baker.

Evolution of a Poppy Cookies

Sometimes I get a little wrapped up in cookies. Sometimes I can't stop thinking about them. I'll be walking through the grocery store and notice a snowflake pattern on a box of cookies and then completely zone out trying to remember if I have a cutter that would work for that pattern while simultaneously planning 4-5 more designs that would complete the set perfectly. I end up at home 20 minutes later with 3 jars of sweet pickles, Ajax and a bag of Cheetos that my daughter swears I just bought for her.

I mean... sure, you could use the word "obsessed" if you wanted to get all detailey and accurate. But really, haven't we all been there?

The poppy cookies I made for Veteran's Day have been living their own life this week. They kept me up at night and made an awful mess of my house. And they would not stop talking to me. They just didn't come out right the first time. But I couldn't decide what was wrong with them. My head said everything...but I knew they just needed a little nudge. So I decided to try them again, with a different petal formation and a green center. And I liked those WAY better. But I ran out of white icing on the last cookie. So I just filled in the background instead of doing the whole scribble-icing thing. And I was IN LOVE. So in love that I baked yet another batch of cookies so I could make even more poppy cookies. Because making cookies that you love is always worth it.

Basically what I'm saying is that sometimes we all make cookies that we hate. But without those cookies...you would never find the ones that you love. Have you ever climbed one of those crazy hills that is basically covered in stairs? You get to the top, slump over for a few minutes and pretend to be admiring the view so no one realizes how completely out of breath you are...and then you catch sight of all those stairs you just heaved yourself over and OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!! Right?! I bet you never look at those bottom stairs and cringe because they were so bottomy. If you didn't have a first step, you could never have a second step or a top step. Cookies are like that. I would cringe looking at my first poppy cookie right now...except that without it...I would never have these gorgeous poppies that I love! Also...those green things are supposed to be helmets. My husband couldn't figure them out. And he's a soldier. So maybe you can't either. And it's totally okay with me if you can't. Because I like them just the way they are. They don't have to change for me.

Anyway. I've basically given up on trying to photograph wet-on-wet designs. So here's another video. I hope you don't mind.

Fantastic Find Friday -- Silver Sprays

Oooh. It's been awhile since we've talked about fun new cookie products! And that's been all my fault. Because there is some really cool stuff that has come out this year. Let's back things up a little though and talk about silver sprays today.

If you don't have an airbrush, you can still get a metallic finish on your cookies by using an edible silver spray. I tried out the Wilton silver color mist and PME lustre spray. And I've got to tell you... I was a little surprised! When I sprayed the PME silver -- I wanted to EAT IT. It smells amazing! The other surprise is that neither of the silvers are actually opaque. I had some blotching on my cookie (due to an experiment in blotching!) and neither of the sprays covered it.

Wilton Silver Color Mist
$3-$6 (Find it online HERE)

You can find this pretty much everywhere crafts are sold. 
It's cheap.
It's a true, light silver color.

It smells like spray paint. 
At only 1 1/2 ounces... it doesn't cover a lot of cookies....like maybe 2 dozen cookies at the most.  

 PME Silver Lustre Spray
 (Find it online HERE)  $10-$15

It smells AMAZING!!
It's a darker pewter color.
It contains 100 mil...which roughly translates to 3.4 ounces so it covers more than twice as many cookies as the Wilton spray. 

$10-$15 for some silver spray? That's almost crazy. Almost.

Here are the two sprays for visual comparison.  The Wilton spray is on the left and the PME spray is on the right. My real opinion? I like them both. When you factor in how much spray is in each can... they cost about the same. They cover about the same. The PME smells way better, but the Wilton is more readily available. It pretty much comes down to weather you need it THIS SECOND BECAUSE YOU FORGOT THAT ORDER WAS DUE TOMORROW or not. Well, that and which silver you like better -- the lighter Wilton silver or the darker PME pewter type silver.

Do you want to try the PME silver for yourself? You know you do! Use the widget below to enter to win a free can of PME silver luster spray. Unfortunately, there are a ton of restrictions on mailing this stuff, so the giveaway is for the US only this time. Giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

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