Thursday, January 29, 2015

Easy Ninja Cookies

I get a KICK out of you Valentine!

I have had a male child for longer than I've been decorating cookies. If you translate that into sugar years, it's like a jillion years. And I've spent every last one of those jillion years trying to make "boy cookies" that both of us like. It's easy enough to make cookies that HE likes. I just make an endless pile of red and blue icing and put it on top of a cookie. It's not a surprise that we don't usually love the same cookies. These ninjas are the accumulation of a jillion years worth of boy-cookie-research. As it turns out, I have discovered that ALL boys (and many girls) secretly want to be ninjas. They will never be disappointed with ninja cookies.

Need cookies for a boy's birthday party? Birthday ninjas! What about a male child that loves the ocean? Ninja fish! A grown up man that plays badminton and likes plaid? Plaid badminton ninjas! Ninja Astronauts. Ninja vampires. Ninja firemen. Ninjas with dogs. Ninjas that find pots of gold. Ninjas that wear the cutest polka dot vintage aprons and bake cookies. I'm telling you...ninjas are the key to the boy cookie world. Also...they sneak up on you when you're not looking. It's best to be on their good side if you know what I mean. (I don't actually know what I mean. I just really don't want some plaid badminton playing ninja to jump out at me later tonight and be all "You don't know me!")

Given this "ninja situation" that we now find ourselves in... it's probably all for the best if you just make these ninja cookies now.  And you should know -- these are the EASIEST ninja cookies you will ever make.

1. With medium thickness gray icing and a #3 tip, outline and fill the head, leaving a space open for the face.
2. When the head icing has set (15 minutes) outline and fill the body.
3. Fill in the face with skin color icing.
4. Add a line above the face with a #3 tip and blue icing. Let it dry for 10 minutes.
5. Add the other half of the tie, the eyes and a little heart if you like... or you know, a badminton birdie or something.

I'm going to make a bunch of these and then just slide them into a cookie order. Then when people notice them, I'll be all "What?! Really? Ninjas...they're so sneaky." 


Find the Whisked Away Cutters original cutter HERE.

I CHOO-CHOO choose you Valentine tutorial HERE

You're SWEET Valentine cupcake tutorial HERE.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dino-Mite Valentine Cookies

 You are DINO-MITE Valentine!!

I can't remember the last time I slept for real. Please tell me that children eventually grow up and *want* to sleep. Feel free to lie. Especially if your children never ever had sleep issues and always went to sleep promptly at bed time without needing a story and a drink and that elusive stuffed animal that you can never find,and a second tucking because the wrong side of the blanket was facing up so they had to kick the blankets onto the floor and pretend they were swimming in a giant sea of fluffy pink comforter before becoming mysteriously FAMISHED the second you even consider turning the light off. Lie away friends. I could use the deception right now. Actually, what I could really use is a night where I go to bed on purpose. And then wake up and it's morning. Instead of 3 minutes later.

I'm actually surprised that I don't feel more rested. Because I'm pretty sure I stay in bed while my alter-ego Zero Compassion Mom gets up to take care of the potty breaks and the lost bunnies and tangled up blankets and the blinds that got closed slanting up instead of down. That girl gets things done. But never really gets to sleep. Poor thing. I should make her some cookies.

Like these adorable dinosaur cookies. With only 3 steps, there will be plenty of time to make the cookies and still take a nap while pretending to have "Salon Time" and watching Strawberry Shortcake with the girls.

1. Outline and fill the body with medium consistency of icing. Let it dry for at least 10-15 minutes.
2. Add two legs to our little dino guy. Let it dry for another 10 minutes.
3. Add the back legs, some tiny little hears, an eye and a smile and this guy is DONE!! Now you can get to napping.


As I mentioned yesterday, all the new cutters this week can be found at Whisked Away Cutters!

And Krista from Drawn With Character made ANOTHER fantastic topper to go with our little dinosaur guys!

And do you want to know who my favorite dinosaur cookie maker is? Surprise! It's Callye from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spaceship Valentine Cookies

You are OUT OF THIS WORLD Valentine!!!

 Remember when you were in a Cookie Coma right after Christmas because you baked your entire life away and then SURPRISE!!! It was Christmas Eve and you still had to wrap a jillion presents and figure out *something* to give your neighbors and for the love find actual time to finally SLEEP?! Can you believe that was a month ago? Well...clear back then, all those ages of cookie years ago... I was thinking about you. And how you would really love some fun new Valentine's Day ideas. And then I talked to Tracy at Whisked Away Cutters and Krista at Drawn With Character, and as it turns out, they just love you all to pieces like I do and wanted to join the party. So this week I have THREE new cutter/designs from Tracy at Whisked Away Cutters to show you AND Krista has designed the most adorable bag toppers to match the first two that you can find in her Etsy shop! Best Valentine Cookie Week ever!!!!

Also... I made a coconut cake today. From an actual coconut. And anyone who tells you that they know of an *easy* way to open a coconut might be tricking you. Because I watched all those videos, and it wasn't true. I very nearly lost a limb. Which I wasn't as worried about as I should have been because I was pretty sure that as soon as I drank that magical coconut water I would be all healthy and smart and probably be able to solve the world's hunger problem while curing caner. As it turns out though...coconut water kind of tastes like badness. Do you know they sell that? Like, at the store. And it costs real money. And then people buy it and drink it. I don't...I can't...does not compute. Is this real? Is the world tricking me?

Maybe something is wrong with my taste buds. Because I've seen all those movie where the half dressed man is all sweaty and tired and breaks open a coconut (with the greatest of ease, I might add) and instantly has his thirst quenched with whatever liquid is supposedly hiding inside said coconut. And at no point in this movie does he end up dry heaving into the bushes or pretending to so no one will try to convince him that "it's really not that bad" or to "grow up and stop making those faces." Because who wants to be all grown up and responsibly eating healthy foods that taste like they might have actually spoiled? Not this girl. This girl is making fun Valentine's Day cookies. Are you with me?

1. With medium consistency white icing, follow the dome shape of the spaceship and give it a curved bottom. Let it dry for a few hours if you are going to use a saturated color like red right next to it.
2. Fill in the bottom of the ship with red icing.
3. Pipe a little alien head on top of the white icing.
4. Use thick white icing to add a mid line to the space ship and medium consistency peach icing to pipe circles for the wheels and alien antennae.
5. Add a dot of white icing on the alien and immediately add another dot of black on top for the eye. Finish the antennae with thick black icing and add blue dots along the mid line of the ship.

So easy and fun, right? And they are quick enough that you can make them for all the neighborhood kids who perch on the stool in your kitchen "just watching" while you decorate! What? Just me again? Well...with these perfect toppers you can give them to whoever you want!


Get the cutest spaceship cutter in the world from Whisked Away Cutters HERE.

And get the perfect matching bag toppers in the world from Drawn With Character HERE

Find out how to make my most favorite space cookies of all time from Klickitat Street HERE.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fantastic Find Friday -- Dough EZ Pastry Mat

I'm actually really excited to tell you about today's Fantastic Find! I got to try out the Dough EZ Pastry Mat over Christmas. And I'm not going to lie...I was kind of "meh" about it to begin with. But it has changed my decorating life!!! I am IN LOVE with it! It's like parchment paper, but you don't get wrinkles and it doesn't slide all over the counter. NO FLOUR friends. No flour poufs that fly on your clothes. Or the floor. Or under the microwave. Which also cleaning up that flour. Which also means...more time for other things! Like eating ice cream and "researching" on Pinterest!

I love it so much that I made you a video about it. And if you know me at all... that's pretty much true love right there. 

For those of you that don't want to watch the video, let me give you the quick details. Basically you put your dough on one side of the mat. Place the included guide sticks on the outside edges and the fold the other side over the top. (On the website, they put the sticks *under* the mat, but for some reason, it makes more sense to my brain to put it inside the mat. Then you just roll out your dough super easy. Unfold the mat and put a piece of parchment paper or wax paper on top of the dough. Put the left half of the mat back on top and flip the whole thing over. Peel off the right side of the mat and cut out your cookies!

The mat comes with 3 sets of guide sticks. One of them is 1/8" thick and the other two sets are both 1/4" thick. The 1/4" thick sticks have notches in them so you can build a pastry frame that is about 1" tall. You know, so you can make donuts and biscuits and umm...thicker stuff.

And when you're done rolling out cookies, you just give it a good wipe down with a towel. I counted and it takes me about 4 1/2 seconds to clean it off. Which is a good 20 minutes faster than cleaning up a counter covered in flour. I put my guide sticks and rolling pin inside the mat and then just roll it all up together.

So.... Dough EZ Pastry Mat --

* It grips the counter and the dough, so no more "gut gripping" parchment paper to keep it from sliding around all over the place.
* No flour necessary (Unless your dough is super sticky in which case a light dusting might be necessary on the first roll out.) which means no cleaning up that flour.
* Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store. (Have I told you I'm in love with it?!)

* At $39.95 it definitely costs more than a box of parchment paper. (But you only have to buy it once.)
* Also, in order to protect your mat, you'll still need to use one sheet of wax paper or parchment paper for each rolling/cutting session, but you could conceivably wipe off that piece of parchment with a towel and keep re-using it.

You can learn more at the Dough EZ website or you can get one HERE.

AND... I love it so much that I convinced Brenda to let one of YOU try it too! Leave a comment on my blog post (not the rafflecopter widget) telling me how you would use an extra 20 minutes every day. You can earn more entries by visiting Dough EZ and me on Facebook and by following me on Feedly. (It's a blog reader. The best way ever to keep up with your favorite blogs!) Giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, January 28th.

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