pysanky cookies

These cookies were a long time coming. (And by "long time" I mean that it took more than an hour before I HAD to make them.) A few weeks ago, I saw a beautiful egg design and I was determined to make it into a cookie. And then, while over at MegaCrafty, I learned that the design was called "pysanky." And I was even more determined to make them into cookies.

And THEN, I found Sugarbelle's Easter cookie round-up and  saw that Haniela had made some beautiful pysanky cookies last year. And then I didn't want to make pysanky cookies anymore. I mean, seriously -- have you seen Haniela pipe?!

And then Haniela told me to do it anyway. So I did. You know, because I'm totally susceptible to peer pressure like that.

PS: I have a theory about tiny little spaces and the dreaded dents. I tested it with these cookies -- and NO dents. It doesn't prove anything, but I'm going to share it with you anyway. My theory is that in small spaces, the top of the icing meets before the bottom does and creates an air cavity which later sinks and creates the dent. So I just swirl a toothpick into the small area real quick. And I didn't have a single crater. And there was kind of a lot of small spaces on these cookies. I'll let you know if my theory fails me. But until it can be sure I will be keeping my toothpick in its very special place called "my cupboard."

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