how I made the colored eggs

So many people have asked about the multi-colored eggs, that I've decided I'm just going to have to tell everyone how I did it. It's not that I mind sharing (at all) -- I just feel a bit presumptuous because I certainly haven't been decorating cookies long enough to be telling anyone what to do.  So let's not look at this like I'm telling you how YOU should make them... I'm just showing you how one person made these one time. (And that person is me and I adore being not hated. So... you know...keep that in mind. )

Okay, so ...clearly I started with some egg shaped cookies. (Chocolate egg shaped cookies, in case you were wondering why my cookies look burnt to a crisp.)

I use only one consistency of icing. It's 12 count thick. I start by outlining a section of the cookie for the first line of color.

And then I immediately fill it in. I kind of like the look of lopsided lines...but you know...make them uniform and even and perfect if lopsided drives you crazy.

It's important to make sure the top part of your line reaches to the edge of the cookie and comes to a point there. That way there will be no gaps in the "outline" of the final cookie. Sometimes I'm really careful and I can get it perfect just by piping. But a lot of times, I just use a toothpick and pull it through the icing to make a point. (Seriously -- I should buy stock in toothpick companies. I use those things ALL THE TIME.)

I make these in an assembly line. I arrange the cookies in the order I pipe them. Usually...with all the normal daily distractions, by the time I get done with the last one...the first one is dry enough to add another stripe. It doesn't have to be completely dry and hard, it just needs to be crusted over. If it is still shiny -- take a break and call your Aunt Sarah. She probably hasn't heard from you in a while anyway.

When the first line is crusted over... I continue on with the next color. And the next...and you know....all of them until  the cookie is full of colors and stripes and icing and happiness.

The End.

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